“The Sacred Mirrors series of twenty-one paintings divides into three sections of body, mind and spirit. The entire progression of the series from Material World to Spiritual World visually describes a process of transformation from body awareness through sociopolitical awareness to spiritual awareness.

The Sacred Mirrors present a multi-dimensional search for the Self. The God/Self is recognized as that which underlies, unifies, and directs the many physical systems and the spectrum of consciousness. The purpose of the Sacred Mirrors is to reflect on and appreciate the sacredness of the individual, one’s unity with other people and cultures, and one’s connectedness with the evolving earth and cosmos.
The Sacred Mirrors are beloved by thousands of people who have seen them installed throughout the United States and Canada. Over 120,000 copies of the book Sacred Mirrors have been sold and the book is translated into five languages. The work is widely admired by health-care practitioners of all kinds, critics, artists, thinkers and seekers from a wide variety of traditions.For information on how to order Sacred Mirrors, (Cosm Shop link) Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey
These awe-inspiring images emerged from courageous explorations of the visionary state that Alex had with his wife, artist Allyson Grey. Allyson, who initiated and named the project, worked along side Alex on the frames and consulted on much of the painting which Alex accomplished over a period of ten years with relentless artistic discipline and painstaking work.
Alex’s early forays into dark, transgressive performance art, his youthful obsessions with death and decay, including a long stint working in a morgue, also deeply inform his later, mature, luminous work.The Sacred Mirrors have a power and authenticity that can only spring from a soul who has plunged into the darker realms and come out whole. In his introduction to Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey, Carlo McCormick compares Grey’s creative journey to a shaman who travels at great peril to the lower realms to emerge with healing teachings for the tribe.Grey’s work, in Ken Wilber’s words “…reminds us of our own higher possibilities, our own deepest nature, our own most profound ground, which we are all invited to rediscover.” This carries on the lineage of sacred art as diverse as shamanic X-ray art, the artwork of 12th century abbess, Hildegard of Bingen, Michelangelo, Bosch, Blake, and Buddhist Thangka painters. Alex, a professor of anatomy in the Fine Arts Department at NYU for ten years and one-time professional medical illustrator, informs his paintings with an almost hyper-realistic accuracy. This combination of perennial wisdom and scientific exactitude, marks a most fruitful marriage of ancient spiritual and modern analytic worldviews.”

– JP Harpignies

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