Mystic Visionary Artist, co-founder of CoSM, with my wife, artist Allyson Grey.
Sanctuary of Visionary Art
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Entheon, 2021
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Entheon, 2021
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Grey's Sacred Mirrors are portraits of the human being in a universal sense, attempting to address every aspect of the body and spirit.

– Marcia Tucker
Founder and former Director of The New Museum, NYC

It is the light that is sublime in Grey's oeuvre-which is the most important innovation in religious light since the Baroque (perhaps the last art to emphasize the sacredness of light, as well as its function as an emblem of the spiritual)-and that makes the mundane beings in them seem sublime, in every realistic detail of their exquisite being.

– Donald Kuspit
professor of Art History and Philosophy SUNY at Stoney Brook, contributing editor and critic for Artforum

Alex Grey is making some of the most beautifully refined imagist work in the country today.

– Walter Hopps
senior curator, Guggenheim Museum and Menil Collection
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