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178 pages, Over 200 Color Images, 90 black & white
With Stephen Larsen, Foreword by Albert Hofmann

Transfigurations, the follow-up to Grey’s Sacred Mirrors (1991)--one of the most successful art books of the 1990s--includes all of Grey’s major works completed in the following decade, including the masterful seven-paneled altarpiece Nature of Mind, called “the grand climax of Grey’s art” by Donald Kuspit. His portrayals of human beings blend anatomical exactitude with visionary depictions of universal life energy. Alex Grey’s striking artwork leads us on the soul’s journey from material world encasement to recovery of the divinely illuminated core.

It is the light that is sublime in Grey's oeuvre - which is the most important innovation in religious light since the Baroque - and that makes the mundane beings in them seem sublime, in every realistic detail of their exquisite being.

- Donald Kuspit, Professor of Art History and Philosophy at SUNY-Stony Brook

Alex Grey is making some of the most beautifully refined imaginary work in the country today.

- Walter Hopps, Senior Curator Guggenheim Museum and Menil Collection

Alex's work, like all great transcendental art, is not merely symbolic orimaginary: it is a direct invitation to recognize and realize a deeper dimension of our very own being.

- Ken Wilber, author of "Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution"

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