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3/7/2013 - It's the end of the winter. Spring is coming. The land is waking up at CoSM and beautiful things are going on. Check out an extraordinary few minutes on CoSM's first completed four-season Visionary Permaculture Design Course led by master teacher, Delvin Solkinson, a video created with the editing skills of Syd Masgnosis and featuring the exquisite photography of Visionary Permaculture graduate Scott Corman, who shot every photo at CoSM during the course. The first quarter of CoSM's second four-season Visionary Permaculture Design Course will begin on October 21st. Limited space is still available.

Join us this Sunday for Art Church. Bring art supplies and meet us in the library at 1pm for an experiential drawing meditation. Then, two creative Wizards of Woodstock, Isaac Abrams and Paul McMahon, will entertain and enlighten us about their art, music and life. Isaac Abrams' art was selected for the cover of the original 1967 book, Psychedelic Art. His work was included in the Whitney Museum exhibition "Summer of Love" and later at the MicroCoSM Gallery in Manhattan. Paul McMahon, musical shaman (a.k.a. The Rock 'N Roll Therapist), founded numerous enlightened alternative community spaces including the a-famed Mothership. As if it's not enough that Paul's paintings were exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, he is a brilliant and illuminated composer, guitarist and bard.

Alex and Allyson

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