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2013 Year In Review
Writing a Year In Review is an exercise that asks us to outline who we are and what we do at CoSM, and for the future of CoSM. It challenges us to assess our progress, our achievements, and our disappointments. If CoSM has a body, mind and spirit, the Year In Review might be considered mostly the Body of CoSM, but the heart and soul shines through in the choices we make as an organization.

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CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors 2013 Year In Review

The mission of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM, is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim's creative path and transmit the values of love and evolutionary wisdom.

2013 was the tenth anniversary of CoSM's Full Moon Ceremonies that began in Brooklyn in 2003. Many thousands of people have come out for these inspirational gatherings over the years, with increasing attendance from both international and Hudson Valley guests. Art Church at CoSM now joins the Full Moon as a regular monthly offering that includes drawing, quietude, studying and discussing some of the correspondences between art and religion. These monthly gatherings are catalysts for the creative spiritual lives of congregants.  CoSM programs and services expanded with great progress in 2013.

In addition to Art Church and Full Moons, monthly Visionary Salons highlight films and host intelligent discussions on art, spirit and life, while offering alcohol-free sociability in a lovely home atmosphere.

2013 represents the five-year mark of our church in this tranquil setting of the Hudson Valley.  2013 is the fifth anniversary of CoSM's church status, granted by the IRS and the Attorney General of the State of New York.  As CoSM approaches the building of Entheon, we are closer to realizing our mission, to provide a sacred space for Visionary art to inspire and evolve humanity's consciousness and creative spirit.

ENTHEON, Sanctuary of Visionary Art

Designed by Alex Grey- Computer sculpted by Ryan Tottle

Please visit the new Entheon page at and become part of this epic project.  Let's build a new sacred space celebrating the transcendent unity of all beings.

The front view of Entheon.  The architectural and engineering drawings are progressing well with Murdock  Solon of New York.  Along with the CoSM Collection of Alex and Allyson Grey's work there will be a Gallery area that will feature contemporary Visionary artists.  Watch for the building to begin in 2014.

Singularity and the Soul

If you are in the Baltimore area, check out Alex's talk on Sunday, March 9th at the American Visionary Art Museum. Alex will be discussing  "Singularity and the Soul," with visionary genius Martine Rothblatt, producer of "The Singularity is Near."  Martine is responsible for launching several communications satellite companies, including Sirius Satellite Network.  Along with her partner Bina, Martine co-founded the Terasem Movement, a church offering a free service that can "preserve one’s individual consciousness so that it remains viable for possible uploading with consciousness software into a cellular regenerated or bio-nanotechnological body by future medicine and technology."

Find out more about this revolutionary concept in longevity and even immortalization. Is the Singularity near?

See you at the March Full Moon and the Vernal Equinox!


Alex and Allyson

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