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The Full Moon reflects the greater light of the sun, just as our souls are a reflection of the greater light of transcendental unity, a sacred mirror. The silvery light of the crisp Full "Hunter" Moon this Saturday will be an energetic high tide of the spirit, a potent time to connect with community to empower your creative life. The Moon is a symbol of wholeness and abundance, a perfect circle representing mandalic resonance with the cosmic circles of the sun, earth, planets, stars, and our very own eyes. The moon is responsible for the tidal motion of the Hudson River, a tidal estuary that changes direction four times daily. The Wappinger native people used to call the river the Mohecanetuc, which means "the river that flows both ways." The current drives the river all the way up past CoSM to Poughkeepsie where it reverses it's directional flow every six hours. The river is an archetypal symbol of spiritual community. As individuals we are like streams, and when we enter the river, joining with the energy of other streams and rivulets, we rush toward the Ocean of Creativity, Love and Light. Following the metaphor of the Moon River, 1500 feet from CoSM, both the literal ocean water and the psychic ocean of love bliss flows all the way to CoSM to refuel the collective soul.

Come to CoSM for the Full Moon Ceremony on Saturday to celebrate sacred space with like-minded visionaries. The ceremony begins with gonging to bring our energies into resonance. Alex then offers an Art Sermon, often an unforgettable rant. If you would like to hear Alex's talk and get a seat in the library, plan to arrive when the gate opens. We lovingly call the Full Moon Ceremony a spiritual variety show with a program that includes musicians, def poets, dancers, vocalists, performance artists, snake handlers, dervishes, monologists... Allyson takes a turn to share wisdom from her spiritual tradition. Everyone present can offer a blessing or personal declaration to the community. When the ceremony ends the fire circle opens, electronic and live music, ecstatic dance, the cafe and store open, tarot reader, henna, collaborative art making…

Start the Full Moon journey with Brett Bevel's Reiki Wizard Empowerment. The CoSM audience knows Brett Bevel as the accomplished and celebrated poet and performer. Brett's talent is pre-eminent in the realm of healing as represented in his book, New Reiki Software for Divine Living (Ayni Books 2013). Brett will lead workshop participants this Saturday, on a journey merge consciousness with Divine intelligence and visit realms of being that transcend normal reality. Brett will show how large scale healings can be performed on many simultaneously, and how to deepen into awareness of our creative dance with God/Goddess.

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