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Sunday @ CoSM:The Art & Science of Hand Reading
Introduction to Palmistry
with Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The hand has been called God’s Road Map. A spiritual gift, the hand is at once intensely personal, a science, and a universal language. Palmistry is based on principles that anyone with an interest in human nature can understand.

The story the hand tells is about your strengths, talents, relationships, health and the best choices for your happiness in career and life-style.

The hand also shows the traits you need to develop, and where you may need support. It revels the best periods for easy advancement, and when you must put in strenuous effort. Remarkably, the hand changes as you change, always reflecting the progress you have made.

This afternoon, join Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen, co-creators of the book: The Art and Science of Hand Reading, for a fun filled, experiential workshop that will give you practical knowledge about the hand and insights you can instantly apply to yourself and others.

3-Day WorkshopShamanic Sacred Vision
Painting Class
with Moises Llerena
October 3rd - 5th

Learn the Neo-Amazonico painting style from Peruvian, visionary artist Moises Llerena. Transform your divine imagination realms using lines, shapes and color and activate your inner Eyes of creativity. This workshop is open to artists of all levels and nature lovers wish to express their Soul’s experience through painting with acrylic on canvas.

Moises Llerena is a Peruvian artist who’s inspiration stems from he ancestral inhabitants of the Amazon Rainforest and their customs. He has studied at the Usko Ayar Amazonian School of Painting under the wing of Pablo Amaringo. He features works at exhibits in Peru including the Municipal Museum of Iquitos, Municipal Museum of Cusco and the Miro Art Gallery in Lima. Though he is from Peru, Llerena has exhibited across the globe including the United States, Finland and Bern Switzerland.

Painting by, Moises Llerena



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