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Weekend Workshop @ CoSM:
My OS: Activating The Human Operating System
with Core Love
September 15th - 17th

What would you do if you had admin access to the control panel for your brain?

"My OS" is the new human 3.0 Operating System that uses consciousness technologies to redefine the way your body naturally generates reality.

The primary purpose of the My OS platform is to provide education, tools and technology that enable you to manage life more effectively by harnessing the power of energy stored within your own memories.

Rewire your brain function and reveal a new experience of living after learning the My OS platform. Join us this weekend for a breakthrough workshop at CoSM.

Art by, Core Love

At ten years old, Core Love was in a serious car accident and sustained a brain injury where he lost much long term, and short term memory, drastically changing his experience of reality. Intense seizures caused his brain to flood with neuro-chemicals, resulting in “high energy states” and contact with an internal intelligence that guided him through lessons and simulations designed to unlock an upgraded operating system for the body.

This new operating system taught Core Love techniques to process past memories using breath sequences and showed him geometric technologies that open higher senses in the body. Utilizing these techniques, a major transformation repaired and upgraded his brain to function better than ever. Core Love now operates multiple businesses offering services that upgrade and promote high performance levels.

Next Weekend @ CoSM:
2017 Autumnal Equinox Celestial Celebration
Hosted by Alex & Allyson
Saturday, September 23rd
7:00 pm - 1:00 am

The Autumn equinox is a mysterious time of balance between day and night, symbolizing a stage of inner preparation as the night takes over and brings the coming of winter. Celebrate with us this very special celestial evening program of music, wisdom, intention setting, poetry and surprises. Learn more.


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