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Alex & Allyson in Basel Switzerland October 20th - 22nd

Cosmic Creativity: How Art Evolves Consciousness
A talk with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey
Friday, October 20th, 7:30 pm

Creativity is a cosmic force. We are aligning ourselves with the force of the cosmos that is continually evolving and recreating in every moment. We are a cosmic force in action.

Our journey begins with ancient cultures and religions whose foundation came from a creative connection with the cosmos. Meeting in the moment, we look at the cosmic creativity in the context of the new planetary culture. From the present perspective, we are able to gaze out towards future cultures and religions that could emerge out of a renewed connection to the cosmos. Join our Cosmologue, as visionary artists and scientists, dancers, musicians, poets, philosophers and physicists explore the human in the context of the cosmos and celebrate the cosmic creative force.

Art is a way for the subjective inner world of the artist to be fully expressed into an outer world object. This creative process is inherently developmental because the psychology of the subject of one stage becomes the object of the subject of the next. Art literally objectifies the subject, allowing the artist the opportunity to witness and transcend a former stage of being. For example, an artist caught in a depressive state may be able to transmit feelings of despair into a painting. Observing the work of art can provide insight into emotions that catalyze a new level of maturity and uplifting. This is why art therapy works. The artist discovers clues embedded in each work and creativity unfolds in a transformative path.

To the beholder, art can be an attractor toward higher development. Icons of wisdom masters like Christ and Buddha, are models of what we might become. Portraits of Bodhisattvas, Angels, and Deities are Sacred Mirrors of possibility for our own enlightenment.


Gems of Awareness: Turning Your Mystic Visions into Art
2-Day Workshop with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey
Saturday October 21st - Sunday October 22nd

Visionary artists Alex Grey and Allyson Grey teach painting and drawing from the wellspring of divine imagination. In this workshop, artists at any level of experience create from the sacred ground and the mystic eye.

Using guided imagery, meditation, shamanic ascent, we open the doors of the imagination to the theater of revelation. Utilizing basic materials -- graphite, colored pencils, pastels, and watercolors -- we commit mental pictures to paper and discuss the aesthetic dimension of our mystical experiences. An illustrated talk on the worldwide visionary art movement will prepare us for vision practices, art meditation, and group interaction that empowers the process of realizing our heart’s iconography to outer form.

Explore art as a spiritual path with Alex & Allyson.

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