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Aligning with the Nature Field

Michael F. Garger, D.C., teaches Chi Kung, Taoist Yoga and foundational health. Promoting optimal vitality and creativity, Dr. Mike brings 25 years of training, experience and his knowledge of Eastern and Western traditions to lead a body/mind fitness program aligned with rhythms of nature. Knowing the principles that guide our body's place in the Nature Field can frame our thoughts and actions, help us reprogram behaviors and take advantage of the organization and perfection of the bio-energetic grid. This workshop will offer exercises to boost and supplement our daily health regimens, such as meditation and mindfulness activities that offer enhanced physical, mental and emotional power drawn from the Nature Field through our energy bodies. Learn the six healing sounds, stretch to unblock stagnant energy and fortify your connection with essence at Dr. Mike's pre-Full Moon Workshop this Saturday afternoon. Stay for dinner and then join us for the 162nd in an unbroken chain of Full Moon ceremonies at CoSM.

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Sacred Geometry at Art Church

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Sacred geometry is the study of mathematical principles and core spiritual, energetic, and physical blueprint patterns at work in nature. The chambered nautilus shell grows at a logarithmic rate allowing the spiral shell to increase in size without changing shape. To hold their honey, bees construct hexagonal cells. These correspondences prove underlying natural significance in geometric forms.
Geometry and mathematical ratios reflect harmonics and proportions found in music, light and cosmology. Universal patterns of sacred geometry are found in the design of everything in the real world. Often considered in the creation of sacred art is the symbolic meaning ascribed to geometric shapes and proportions.

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Ancient of Days (God as an Architect), by William Blake, 1794

The belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan has origins in science and mathematics in every century since Plato who said, "God geometrizes continually." Pythagoras, father of geometry, said, "There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres."Johannes Kepler, 16th century discoverer of the laws of planetary motion, described how geometry offered the underpinnings of the cosmos.






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Explore with us the meaning and craft of contemplative sacred geometric drawing at Art Church this Sunday afternoon where we will uncover the basic Sacred Geometric forms from one to six sided figures. We will discuss the principle of sacred geometry woven into natural forms and describe how the golden section and fibonacci sequence is evident in growing plants and living creatures. We will draw the CoSM Eye in the triangle.  Bring a sketchbook, (9" x 12" OR 11" x 14"), a decent compass and a cork back metal ruler or other straight-edge. Loaners available but limited. See you there.


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