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Summer Solstice is clearly the longest day of the year followed by the shortest night. Often referred to as, Midsummer, for farmers planting is complete, seeds are in the ground and a successful crop now largely depends on the Almighty.  In either hemisphere, the first day of summer welcomes the warmest season of the year. As darkness triumphs over light a little each day, we are reminded of the turning of the wheel of this year and the preciousness of life. A time to celebrate the fullness of the light of our individual, group and cosmic consciousness, we reflect upon our potential for awakening together. At the apex of our journey, we consider what fruit is growing inside us and what bounty we can offer the world.

Sacred texts and sacred sites separated by vast distances throughout the world, spanning thousands of years, bear testimony of the veneration of the sun as one of the longest unbroken chains of religious observance in human history. Ancient cultures have erected megalithic structures, stone circles, temples, and secret inner rooms aligning with the suns relationship to the earth. In places of pilgrimage, the Summer Solstice has been embraced by communities as a time to gather in ceremony and celebration. On Summer Solstice sunset at the Great Pyramids, the sun crowns the head of the Great Sphinx. Hieroglyphics tell us that Egyptians celebrated the defeat of the God of Darkness, Set by Horus, the Sun God on that day. The marriage of heaven and earth, the defeat of the dark god of the year was celebrated by Druids, the educated, professional class among Celtic island people. The festival of Vestalia In Rome resembles unmistakably the Druid tradition which includes guarding the sacred fire.

The summer solstice sunrise aligns with the avenue off the circle around Stonehenge. At sunrise the sun shines down the avenue, between the two heel stones, into the center of the stone circle.

This Saturday, CoSM will host one of our best-loved on-site events, the Summer Solstice. Join us at 8pm when we gather with guests from all over the world to open the ceremony, poetically illuminating the magic of summer from a cross cultural perspective as we integrate the blessings of harmonious seasonal celebration. Socialize with the love tribe, watch wondrous visionary artists bring new works to light, listen to the amazing electronic musicians, live music performances, poetry and ecstatic dance throughout the house and around the fire-circle promote healing and intention setting late into the night.  Dress festive!

CoSM's 2013 Summer Solstice Outdoor Festivities
(Photo by Stefanie Catalano)

Omega Point


Would you like to enter a charged creative vortex where visionary artists empower each other and have breakthrough results in their work?

Do you yearn to open the doors of your imagination into the theater of revelation, to meet kindred spirits, and to draw and paint from the wellspring of your vision?

Calling artists at every level of experience. The Visionary Art Intensive with Alex and Allyson happens once a year at Omega Institute. Following an unbroken chain of twenty-three summer celebrations of art and life, we will gather once again on the beautiful Omega campus from June 29th through July 4th. Using basic art materials, learn how visionary artists portray inner images from the aesthetic dimension of mystical experiences.

On July 4th, when the class is complete, graduates of this year's workshop are invited back to CoSM for a tour with Alex and Allyson and a closing barbecue including a visit to our studio.  Immerse yourself in your passion and let transformation happen. Spend five days with us in the studio. []

See you soon!


Alex & Allyson

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