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Saturday @ CoSM:Full Moon Workshop:
Healing through Adversity

with Damien Echols & Chris Grosso
3pm - 6pm

What does it mean to accept yourself fully in all of your perfect imperfections; to take an honest, fearless look at your naked self and stay there, acknowledging both the frailty and the glory in the same glance?

In this workshop, Damien Echols, ceremonial magician and author of Life After Death, and Chris Grosso, author of Indie Spiritualist, and Dead Set On Living, will address this question, guiding participants to use their difficult life experiences as catalysts towards self-empowerment and spiritual awakening.

Chris Grosso speaking at CoSM. Photo by, Jon Ohia

Create space for healing: Participants will learn various meditations, & compassion practices.

Make friends with the past, embrace the skeletons in the closet, and most importantly,
learn to love without holding back.

Enjoy dinner & entry to the April Full Moon Gathering
all for one price.

April Full Moon GatheringFull Moon Ceremony
Wisdom, Music, & More

with hosts, Alex & Allyson
7:30pm - 9:30pm

"It is important for artists and creative people to gather together and support and encourage each other. In Buddhism, the spiritual community is known as sangha, which is one of the Three Pillars of the Path. A gathering of the art community mutually honoring and empowering each other is art sangha."
-Alex Grey, "The Mission of Art." page 66.

Join us for CoSM's April Full Moon gathering as we share a weave of sacred paths  and the power of love through creative expression.

Photo by, Melissa Robin

Opening ceremony led by Alex & Allyson in the Library; 7:30pm - 9:30pm.
After Celebration; 9:30 - midnight.
Seating for the performative program begins at 7pm.

Full Moon After-Celebration
Featuring Live Music By Baharat
9:30pm - midnight

Photo by, Jon Ohia

Enjoy ethnic fusion band, Baharat in the Luna Lounge.

Reserve  your "Supportrait" by Alex Grey, created for one guest or couple, to support CoSM.
Ask Allyson about Art & Life.

Photo by, TJ Squires

Live painting featuring, Alexa Spaddy, Astrid Carlson,
Dan Schaub, Ka Amorastreya, and Lindy Kehoe.
Body painting by Keiara Gallodoro. Henna by Hannah.

Permaculture Readings by Nature Oracle, Delvin Solkinson.
Tarot by the insightful, Madame Ximon.

Check out the outdoor fire circle and fire performances.

Photo by, Dave Digenger

Homemade snacks & treats in The Mushroom Cafe.
Artful treasures in the CoSM Shop.
Come to your favorite art sangha
and celebrate the orb of night.

Sunday @ CoSM:

Morning Yoga

with Shipra Saraogi
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Sunday, late-morning, come to CoSM for the ultimate out-of-body experience, Morning Yoga with Shipra.

A CoSM favorite, Shipra gently guides yogis & yoginis toward their body's own potential. Through illuminated guidance, Shipra leads participants toward rejuvenation on a safe journey to deepen any asana practice.

All levels of experience will be comfortably nurtured and challenged in Shipra's yoga class. Yoga begins at 10am, $10 donation requested. Mats available.

Art Church:
Sacramental Culture

with Alex & Allyson
1pm - 5pm

The human urge to achieve altered states of consciousness through the ingestion of sacramental, mind-expanding substances is as old as history itself, from the cradles of Eastern and Western civilizations to contemporary trance and neo-shamanic subcultures. Through plant medicines and chemical epiphanies, the drive to risk hell to experience heaven has been unfolding into a modern day spiritual movement.

“Disputation of the Holy Sacrament” by Raphael

In this presentation, Alex & Allyson will trace these generations of God seekers, offering us extraordinary visual illustrations of their inner journeys, including glimpses of their own art and of other exponents of this emerging visionary culture.


Alex & Allyson

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