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Sunday @ CoSM:

Introduction to Healing with Sound
An Immersive Sound Bath Experience

with Dan Lauter
2pm - 5pm

Immerse yourself in a divinely meditative Sound Bath and Deep Relaxation Mindfulness Meditation led by bowl master, Daniel Lauter.

Go deep into meditation with exquisite Crystal Bowls, Crystal Gongs, Tibetan and Himalayan Bells, Didjeridu, Rain Sticks, Ocarina, Tuning Forks, ambient Soprano Saxophone, and a diverse array of sound makers. Interactively, learn resonant healing qualities to customize your personal wellness. Melt away your stress and recharge your mind, clear and vibrant.

Next Weekend @ CoSM: 

Your Coronation:
Create A Headdress

with Ka Amorastreya
April 20th - 22nd

Liberate the beauty and magic within by expressing your unique and powerful qualities through creating and donning a headdress, and crowning your divine self.

To wear a crown, or a headdress, has long been a symbol of authority, sovereignty and divinity.  Throughout the ages, and around the world, headdresses have been worn by deities, royalty, rulers, shamans, and ceremonialists, to indicate their divine nature and connection to God.  While this is still true today, headdresses have also been revived as a celebratory expression, worn for festive occasions and artistic statement.

Begin with a multicultural exploration of how headdresses have been made and worn in the past and into the present. Ka will share her personal journey, process and philosophy with this art form, as well as the numerous materials and techniques that can be applied within this creative practice. Learn about cultural appropriation, and how to make a headdress with awareness to cultural sensitivities.

While constructing you headdress, Ka will be at hand to advise and assist the process, and offer help with technique and design. After the completion of your headdress, each participant will have an opportunity to show their unique creation and share their experience with the rest of the class.

Explore headdress culture from around the world and through time. Broaden your imagination while offering inspiration to carry into the weekend and your own creations.

Now Available to the Public:

The Art of Wayne Coyne
And the History of
The Flaming Lips

With your hosts,
Alex Grey & Allyson Grey
Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Join us for a special presentation on
the art & music of The Flaming Lips frontman,
artist, Wayne Coyne.

Followed by a Q&A with Wayne, Alex & Allyson.

Fifteen VIP Tickets will offer:
Early access to the event,
A guaranteed seat in the first four rows,
Early private meet & greet with Wayne!

Limited tickets available. CLICK HERE to sign up.

The Universe of Jen Stark
with Special Guest DJ
Wayne Coyne

hosted by
Alex Grey & Allyson Grey
Friday, May 11th, 2018

Special Presentation featuring the work of
internationally acclaimed Visionary Artist,
Jen Stark

Followed by a Q&A with the four artists,
Jen, Wayne, Alex & Allyson
PLUS, a special DJ set by Wayne Coyne.

Limited tickets available. CLICK HERE to sign up.

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