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Gathering on the Autumnal Equinox, we enter a celestially, cosmically charged resonant field of sacredness that only comes when the length of sunlight equals the length of darkness.  Summers-end celebrations of Nature's abundance at harvest time started as early as the cultivation of food itself and acknowledge the doorway to the long winter ahead. 
CoSM opened on the autumnal equinox of 2004, nine years ago in New York City in a rented warehouse. There, community gathered to celebrate and pray for land to build a temple. When CoSM opened in Manhattan, it was the first phase toward that goal, a mission with only a commitment and the roughest sketch of a plan. With support from a global community, CoSM has sur-thrived and evolved.


2013 has been an exciting year of growth and learning. The Entheon Kickstarter campaign brought together 1,510 CoSMonauts, each a stand for the future of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. So far this year, CoSM softly opened to day guests four days a week making the CoSM store, the Mushroom Cafe, Wisdom Trail and Grey House Galleries a destination for visitors far and wide. The ten guests rooms at CoSM became available 365 nights this year. Over a dozen guest artists have contributed to the mycelial growth of the Mushroom Cafe mural.

Wendy Tremaine, author of The Good Life Lab is leading an inspirational Pre-Full Moon workshop  Mirror of the Heart, sharing her Sufi way of reconnecting to inner wisdom to discover the gifts you have to offer the future.

Be with us this Saturday, September 21, for a Full Moon Autumnal Equinox ceremony that will begin with a CoSM wedding. Our two grooms are coming all the way from Michigan to the fair state of New York and the land of CoSM to tie the knot and you are welcome to celebrate with us. Devotional revelry, wisdom and merriment will fill out the rest of the ceremony which will be followed by music, dance, tarot readings, art making, gaze into fire, acrobats and fire spinners and the celebration of love. Artists will paint throughout the downstairs rooms along with an interactive sand mandala and other creative activities.Bring your art travel kit, pull up a backjack and draw to great music and company all evening. Don't miss seeing Xavi's extraordinary aesthetic addition to the Mushroom Cafe ceiling.

Xavi with his edition to the ceiling of the Mushroom Cafe.


Join us as we paint on stage and meet & greet our friends in the "wilds" of Maine. We will celebrate the harvest with farmers and artisans, musicians, performers, sculptors and painters. David Satori of Beats Antique... Abundance of the harvest is greatly welcomed by our friends in the North Woods where summers are glorious and winters have to be respected to be endured. Over thirty combined summer/falls personally spent in Maine tells us to throw on an extra layer.


Look forward to seeing many friends at the New York Open Center for an illustrated talk about Alex's recent monograph, Net of Being, which addresses how visionary art is evolving the cultural body through icons of interconnectedness. The presentation will contain spectacular photos of Alex’s collaboration with TOOL plus his worldwide live-painting performances and most recent project ENTHEON, a Sanctuary of Visionary Art at CoSM. 

This year the Net of Being book won a Nautilus Silver Book Award in Photography and Art, and took First Place for Book of the year from the Coalition of Visionary Resources!  Get yours and get it signed by the authors at the Open Center.


Alex and Allyson

Special thanks to Danielle Probst for the great photo.

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