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Bicycle Day and Beyond

Heading to California for the April 19th celebration of Bicycle Day at the Regency where we will join with many friends to honor Dr. Hofmann and the roots of sacramental culture.  Prior to the amazing musical lineup, Alex will explain his St. Albert painting, look back at the ancient entheogenic civilizations and today's planetary Visionary Culture.  There will be an update on Entheon.  Some of our favorite Visionary artists will be exhibiting and live painting making this an epic weekend.  Evening 4/20, we return to the Regency for a second night -- to honor 4/20! These paired dates are the first uniquely Love Tribe holidays observed globally. Easter happens to fall on 4/20 making this celebration especially meaningful to remember the holiness, the light of love, and evolutionary creative uplift of Christ consciousness and Visionary Culture.  Thanks to Maps and to all our friends who help make this a very safe and special fundraising event to help build Entheon. Our community is building sacred space together. Thank you.

Leaving the Bay Area, we will fly to L.A. to live-paint at the Lightning In A Bottle Pre-Party
at King King in the heart ofHollywood, truly one of our favorite places on earth.


While in L.A. we will be among the honored artists included at the Juxtapoz book release of Juxtapoz Psychedelic.

Proud to be a part and look forward to seeing all of our friends at this free and open event.

Join us for two weekends of uplifting music and dance, art and performance. 


Alex and Allyson

Thanks to Johnny Thorne for the great photo.

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