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2014 Kiss at the Portland Art Museum with beloved community & Nahko & Medicine for the People & Autumn Skye!


In this wintery season, at CoSM we are turning our minds to permaculture, the philosophy of eco-counsciousness, the contemplation of the life-web in sustainable relationship with the earth. Because principles of permaculture are at-one with the values of CoSM we are honored to host our second four-season permaculture class on this sacred land starting in the spring. Taught by one of the brightest up-and-coming minds in the field, Delvin Solkinson, who has earned two Masters Degrees from originators of the subject of permaculture. Delvin, who founded the permaculture course at CoSM, is working on his PhD. His thesis is to create a curriculum for future PhD candidates of permaculture, since his is the first. At February's Pre-Full Moon Workshop, Delvin will offer a three hour introduction to permaculture. This is the perfect time to meet the maestro and find out if you should indeed fulfill that attraction to the study of earth consciousness.

Our cusp civilization and planetary ecology are in crisis. As individuals, cultures and ecosystems, we are all in transition on many levels. It's a time ripe with possibilities for positive change. What can we do ourselves and with our community to be part of the solution?
 Permaculture looks to the design principles of nature, from the worlds indigenous traditions and from modern scientific understandings about how to live in harmony with the land and each other. If you are called to learn more about the balance of nature and also called to the mission of CoSM, we invite you to learn more and sign up for this unique opportunity to deepen your earth wisdom.--Delvin Solkinson, teacher and founder of the four-season Visionary Permaculture certification course at CoSM.

with Alan Steinfeld

"From the profane to the profound; from angels to aliens - Alan Steinfeld has traveled the globe in search of truth, esoteric knowledge and ancient wisdom."

Alan Steinfeld, a man truly committed to the study of alternative realities, returns to CoSM for the January Full Moon Workshop. His subject: Liminal Liberation: Accessing the Multidimensional Mind. Liminal is the threshold beyond which a sensation becomes too faint to be experienced. To be liberated from the edge of perception… hmmm...

Join Alan's three hour workshop, enjoy a delicious dinner in the dining hall with workshop participants and then attend the Full Moon Ceremony, January 18th.

We pray tonight for the well-being of Allyson's dad, Howard, 85 and in the hospital. Prayers to all of your loved ones and for yourselves, our dear friends.  May you be blessed this year.


Alex and Allyson

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