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Friday @ CoSM:

Finding Your Voice

with SORNE
3pm - 5pm

SORNE guides fellow singers through a series of basic vocal exercises with the intention of opening the heart and mind, breaking through inhibitions and mental barriers, allowing for the exploration of the voice. SORNE uses harmonies from his music so that attendees can sing along during his performances if they so choose.

Evening Performance
7pm - 9pm

Stay into the evening
for a special music performance by SORNE.
Enjoy the workshop and concert all for one price.

Sunday @ CoSM:

Introduction to
Ayurveda Cuisine

with Michal Burdi
1pm - 5pm

Introduce yourself to the art of making delicious
easy-to-make vegetarian meals based on Ayurveda
with Michael Burdi.

You will gain a basic understanding of:

• Principles of what makes food healthy or not for you.
• An overview of how to use spices
and make spice mixtures
• The secrets of making sure your food
is easy to digest and assimilate.
• Tips on applying Ayurvedic principles
to any type of cuisine.
•Resources to support you in accessing optimal food
choices in the grocery store or at restaurants

Each class will combine discussion,
participatory cooking demonstrations,
and ends with a delicious meal for everyone!

CoSM Open to the Public
Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday
noon - 6pm

Powerfully attune with the creative force of your soul in the tranquil beauty of nature. CoSM is open to the public every Friday - Monday, noon - 6pm. Make CoSM a spiritual destination this weekend.

Amenities in the fully restored Grey House include continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi, exquisite art, a library of mysticism and art, adorned with altars and fireplaces. Bring love ones and cosmic friends for a walk in the woods. CoSM offers 40 acres of wooded grounds filled with hiking trails, a labyrinth walk, and site specific art installations.

Di-vine Man by John Shook

In the spirit of this shining moment when the light of the sun begins to grow longer and stronger, consider a self-guided spiritual retreat in sacred space of peace and love. Art and beauty await you at CoSM.


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