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The Building of Entheon Resumes

At CoSM, the last remaining piles of snow are slowly melting, nearly gone reminders of an intense winter. Springtime has been ceremonially welcomed over the past couple weeks with hundreds of friends. Thanks to the generous support of community, next Monday, the building of Entheon, CoSM’s Sanctuary of Visionary Art, resumes. As the flowers sprout and blossom, the concrete walls will rise throughout the spring and early summer. During the summer the roof will be installed, enabling the interior work to occur uninterrupted by freezing winter.

Brian James, Chief Builder for Entheon shares the coming phase:

"In the case of Entheon there were a few special considerations with respect to the structural design. The number one priority was to adequately protect the art work in the building. It may have been cheaper from an economical perspective to build a wooden roof, but considering that the roof would be protecting a collection of artwork that the COSM community regards as priceless talismans and relics, a wooden superstructure was not adequate. The second consideration was the added weight of the sculpture that is to be attached to the roof. In the case of Entheon the sculptural panels could potentially add 15 lbs a square foot to the overall weight of the roof. In consideration of the extra weight and the protection of the collection, we decided to go with a steel superstructure. The steel roof assembly is scheduled to be erected in June of this year."

entheon structure
Entheon structural steel roof plan, by Mark Day 2015

ENTHEON Fundraising Journeys
The distributed intelligence of the Love Tribe is helping CoSM pay for Entheon by coming to one of the fun events around the country this Spring!  We look forward to seeing the community of Chicago this weekend as we paint onstage with PAPADOSIO.  Then we are visiting our friend and board member, Robert Barnhart, in Austin for the APRIL 14, 6:00 pm screening at the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE of his film, A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin.  Then we are off to San Francisco for the annual Bicycle Day event with Beats Antique...
Tickets are going fast for these electrifying events, maybe near you:

-- 4.11.15 -- Re:Vision
CHICAGO @ Concord Music Hall
with Papadosio, Thriftworks,
Desert Dwellers, Psydell
& Jonathan Singer on visuals

revision chicogo papadosio alex grey desert dwellers

-- 4.18.15 -- Bicycle Day
SAN FRANCISCO @ The Warfield
with Beats Antique
Emancipator, Thriftworks,
Desert Dwellers
& Jonathan Singer on visuals

bicycle day warfeild sf alex grey allyson grey beats antique

-- 4.26.15 -- Entheon Benefit w/ Duncan Trussell
BROOKLYN, New York @ The Bell House
Jib Kdder
Space Jesus & Supersillyus

benefit to build entheon

-- 5.8.15 -- Purple Hatter's Ball
CENTRAL FLORIDA @ Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Nahko and Medicine for the People

purple hatters ball

-- 5.16.15 -- Red Rocks Amphitheatre
with Tipper and Android Jones
& Jonathan Singer on visuals

tipper red rocks alex grey allyson grey



visionary art intensive

Reminding all Visionary Artists to check out our June offering at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.
Since the summer of 1990, this 5-Day art immersion distills the greatest overview of our teaching in the space of five days. Like-minded creators of the mystic realm gather to practice art as a spiritual path, to explore access to visions and to communicate this mental imagery through art.
Join us for an unforgettable, full-time, togetherness art journey with A & A.
-- favorite thing to do this summer
+ all the best people that want to make art, like you really do
+ fantastic food and services
+ natural beauty & tranquility
+ community
=  the best time ever.


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