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Listen, Noble One(s).
Consider yourself called
By your own Transcendental Ground of Being
To return to the consciousness of Source Reality,
Vast as Space.
Beyond All Time.
Beyond the Boundaries of your skin.
Open your Being to its intrinsic Oneness with all beings and things,
To Witness Consciousness
To Primordial Awareness
To Freedom from Suffering,
To Supreme Liberation.
Melt the walls of your imprisoned Soul.
Let the acid of Self-Realization eat away all constrictions, boundaries and obstacles
To accessing your own Divinity,
Your own GodSelf.
Yes, of course, you have a body.
Just don't limit your identity to that.
Yes, you have desires, emotions, thoughts
Running through your consciousness,
But just see them as limited stations of identity
Along the path to your True Nature.
Before you constrain your selfhood to the limits you are familiar with,
Notice you are already home in source reality,
Your Oneness with the Boundless Ocean of Love Bliss
Is your Original Soul Dimension.

Love melts the self-constrictions to Soul.
The Voice that calls is Love itself
Calling you home.
Consider yourself called.

Now home in the Oneness
Seeing through God's Eyes.
Hearing with God's Ears.
We are all extensions of the Oneness.
Imagine XYZ axis
Extending infinitely in each direction.
Thou art that.
Imagine all the Galactic Clusters in the Cosmos
Occurring on the backdrop of your Limitless Space.
Thou art That.
Imagine all events from the Beginning of Time
Till its collapse as a sparkle of luminosity in your vastness.
Thou art that.
In order to create, the Creator prepares a Blank Canvas.

Imagine the next moment as your Blank Canvas,
Free as the Creative Force.
What reality will you bring to life?
The Soul conducts life as symphonic,
Paints life as the masterpiece it is.

Come Home to your Divine Artistry.
Create as Creative Force.
Act as the Imperishable Source.
Lose your constraints without remorse.
Your Soul is the Captain
Charting your course.
You've found your center and you are home.

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