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August 21, 2013 -- This coming Full Moon weekend we will celebrate the members of CoSM, those in our community who have made a commitment, like voting that CoSM should endure into the future. Members count on CoSM to be a hub of creativity and radically welcoming spirituality.

After operating the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in the heart of the club and gallery district of New York City for five years (2004-2009), the CoSM crew packed it all up and moved to 40 acres of land in the woods. In the middle of the freezing Hudson Valley winter in 2009 we participated in the first retreat at CoSM. There were two students, Alex, Allyson and their two teachers, Yogi Raj and V.V. At this retreat, given as a gift from spiritual friend, Jan Mathews, Yogi Raj and V.V. coaxed out of us the Values, Beliefs and Purpose of CoSM, later affirmed by CoSM staff. A rare and profound philosophical investigation into the roots of our organization, these precepts are posted below for your consideration. If you feel a resonance, consider coming to the Membership Barbecue on Saturday and making a commitment for CoSM's enduring future.



Values -- What is important.

Creativity -- We encourage innovation and new ideas, and make time for a creative and spiritual life.

Communication -- We encourage open, honest, respectful communication throughout our workplace and community.
We aim at clear, essentialized and straightforward talk.

Teamwork -- We collaborate with enthusiasm and unity of purpose, keeping each other informed, sharing what we are thinking and doing and expect the same in return.

Work Ethic -- We operate our business and personal affairs with integrity and responsibility. We do what we said we'd do when we said we'd do it.

Business -- Business is our liaison with the world and extends our world view.  We aim to create a healthy, well functioning business model that will support our spiritual purpose and the collective good.  We pay our debts and operate with courtesy and professionalism.

Service -- Offering service for the collective good uplifts our spiritual lives, teaches us about ourselves, and our relationship to others. We are attuned to and care about the experiences, needs and expectations of our visitors and co-workers.

Earth Honoring -- We respect planet earth and all creation, and support revitalization of the life-web and environment.

Sacred Mirrors -- We honor the body of knowledge and wisdom communicated through the paintings at CoSM as reflections of the divinity of all human beings.

Excellence -- We strive for the highest potential in our personal lives, our jobs and our creative pursuits.

Diversity -- We welcome all races, religions, ages, and sexual orientations.

Universal Spirituality -- We celebrate all wisdom paths that expand consciousness to visionary states, complete clarity and personal contact with the Divine.
Purpose -- Why we exist.

To build a temple for the Sacred Mirrors collection of art as an enduring sanctuary of Visionary Art and Universal Spirituality.

To inspire every pilgrim's creative path and affirm the values of love and evolutionary wisdom.

To build community around creativity, earth-honoring, and trans-denominational spirituality.

Beliefs -- What is our truth.

CoSM honors the preeminence of love and the transformative wisdom potential of all humanity.

CoSM upholds universal spirituality, reverence for the web of life and the evolving creative miracle of our cosmos.

CoSM points to the integration of both scientific and spiritual truths, both outer and inner worlds. The artwork of CoSM venerates earthly, visionary and transcendental realms.

Artwork in the Chapel Sacred Mirrors invites the viewer to mirror, identify and resonate with each image allowing us to see ourselves and each other as reflections of the divine.

Every moment is an opportunity for love and transformation.

Surrounded by the beauty and vitality of nature we powerfully attune with Soul-renewing creative forces and discover our unique expression.

Human consciousness is evolving toward a planetary civilization based in peace, cooperation and cultural exchange.

To all that we update with the answer to one question:
Why Visionary Art Matters

Visionary mystical experiences are humanity's most direct contact with God and are the creative source of all sacred art and wisdom traditions. The best currently existing technology for sharing the mystic imaginal realms is a well-crafted artistic rendering by an eye witness. 

Become a member of CoSM before or on Saturday when you arrive at 3pm for the Membership pre-Full Moon event at CoSM. We will lead a tour and then meet with members in the dining hall for some visioning of the future. The barbecue for members will follow outdoors, Goddess willing. The Full Moon ceremony will host some of our brightest stars including Fun Yung Moon and Dr. John of the Crystal Light Ensemble. Music and fire circle with all the extras follow the ceremony until midnight. If you plan on attending the Members Barbecue, please RSVP at [email protected] so we can know how many people to prepare food for.

Join CoSM.


Alex and Allyson

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