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April 28th at the Meta Center in NYC


God is the divine artist and the universe is the continually evolving masterpiece of creation.  -- Alex Grey

The mystical visionary experience is a personal love affair with God that convinces us of unity with Creator and Creation. A scientific view of our cosmos tells us that fourteen billions years ago there was literally nothing and then the universe came into being, that everything came from one thing. Connected with everything in the cosmos, we are simply the most current expression of a continuum. The force that birthed the cosmos lives as the creative urge in our souls. From algae to plant to animal, with 99.9999% of all previously existent life now dead, humanity is on the frothy edge of earth's biological breaking wave of consciousness evolution. The force some call God, created a cosmos in order to evolve beings capable of a conscious relationship with their Creator, mystics with the most advanced antennae for God's consciousness and communication. 

Genuine creativity is not just a personal gift; it’s an evolving cosmic force that expands the identity of the individual beyond the bounds of body and ego toward a sense of oneness with a larger consciousness. Great works, from megaliths to pyramids to cathedrals, were built by creators aligning themselves with universal mind. Artists are the vehicles of expression for the cosmic intelligence. How can the aesthetic experience of art lead us toward a unitive mystical experience and activate inspired action in the world? What is the role of the artist in creating new levels of perception that can evolve individual and social awareness? 

Join a conversation between visionary leaders, 

-- Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, artists/co-founders of CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors 

-- Jodi Serota, founder of META Center, a New York City event space for education, transformation & the arts, 

-- Alan Steinfeld, founder of New Realities, New York's portal for mind, body, spirit activities. 

This program, held on a new moon, will include an opportunity to set intentions for new possibilities in this spring moon cycle.

Tuesday, April 29th 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Fee: $20 in advance via PayPal or call META Center to register at 212 736 0999 Ext.1. MC, VISA & Discover Card, checks & cash accepted in advance. $25 cash only at the door. All non-refundable. 


Alex & Allyson

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