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Is there higher meaning in the film Beetlejuice, some hidden depth of purpose that brought together giants Tim Burton, David Geffin and Danny Elfman, Michael Keaton, Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin? And don't forget the emergent role of Winona Ryder.  Like most of Tim Burton's films, this is a tale of the artist, unrestrained and totally mad. A wild phantom shaman. This is a love story and also a story of obsession and the devilish quest for happiness. It is the story of creativity, the honey of the Gods and the call of passion. It mixes the polarity of terror and hilarity and is perfectly ShOcktober-ish with the coming of that magic night celebrating the dead and ghostly. On Saturday night, we will be on the floor of the library eating popcorn and watching a movie with like-minded visionaries. If it's cold, we'll crack open the fireplace for the first time this season. After Visionary Film night, we sit around and talk about the movie and all sorts of things. If you are looking for an intimate and memorable experience on a Saturday night in cool October, join us at CoSM in the haunted library of the Visionary Victorian. You'll feel right at home!

In fact, consider a perfect day in the country. The weather prediction says 72ºF with little chance of showers on Saturday. How about those autumn colors in the meadow at the top of the Wisdom Trail?! CoSM will be open from noon until the movie with deliciousness in The Mushroom Cafe all afternoon and evening.

Alex met Winona Ryder at the recent celebration of the Timothy Leary Papers, at the New York Public Library. Winona is Leary's goddaughter!


Here is a taste of a recent interview on art and life that Alex did for Mexico's El Fanzine. Find the complete interview with pictures on the blog at

Thanks to our friend, the interviewer, Coca.

What does it means to have a spiritual life?

It means that you have a spiritual practice that aligns and connects you with the dimension of the Divine. A spiritual life means having a transcendental and multi-dimensional intuitive perspective as well as a rational and grounded physical perspective on reality.  The wisdom traditions all emphasize truth, justice, compassion, charity, and creativity as the basis for human civilization, so your spiritual life should provide a moral compass, guidance in a way that we can become better people. Today I believe this demands of us an ecological imperative.  The Earth is Sacred, God created it. Humanity must stop destroying the web of life.

What does it mean to have God in your life? 

To be appreciative, to not take the credit, to Thank everyone, to Praise Allah, Jehovah, Christ Consciousness, Buddhamind, the Atman in the Brahman, Sophia, Yahweh, Adonai, Aton, the only One, the Cosmic Source, the All as it is and as it is evolving. To Be in tune with Creative Force.

How has art helped you in your spiritual path?

Art is my religion, my spiritual life, my path and my practice. I view God as the Divine Artist and the cosmos as the evolving masterwork of Creation. All world religions have sacred art and architecture, music, dance and scripture. The visionary mystical creative imagination is part of all wisdom traditions and manifests through sacred art and artifacts. When art is your religion you are connected with all world religions.  If you want to understand your religion (of art) then you need to become familiar with all religions.  In this way Art is transdenominational.

Consciousness is the ultimate artistic medium. We sculpt our thoughts with our attitudes and intentions. Each moment of perception can be contemplated aesthetically, opening to its unique beauty. We are all artists of our own lives that we co-create with our Creator. As a spiritual practice, art can be a cathartic and healing experience, allowing artists to literally objectify the emotional or subjective state, a prerequisite to healing and transforming your state of mind. We may be depressed and paint a dark painting. Thus you get the monster "out of the box." Our despair has been materialized to be viewed from a distance, reflecting on our state of mind is necessary in order to transcend it.


Allyson & Alex

Special thanks to Andy for the great photo.
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