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The snow is melting, and the mud season is in full gear at CoSM in the Hudson Valley.  What a difference a few degrees of warmth makes. From tiny frozen crystals to flowing water, an elemental shift of state is taking place all around us. Looking at all of life as a metaphor, consider the warmth of love that can thaw and activate our creative potential. Consider contracted selfhood as frigid crystals, now defrosting into a passionate rebirth.

We look forward to seeing crocus popping up through the muddy soil and the astonishing uprising of nature visually shouting the great "YES" of being.  To be surrounded by the trees as they sparkle into green buds, and birds begin singing, reveals the infinite eco-complexity and beauty of Gaia’s Symphony.  Consecrate the shifting of the seasons with the creative Love Tribe at CoSM.


luis eduardo luna at cosm chapel of sacred mirrors

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Before the Celestial Celebration of the Vernal Equinox on Saturday, March 21st, our dear friend, the anthropologist and scholar, Luis Eduardo Luna, will offer a special presentation at CoSM. A spiritual, creative educator and author of many books focused on the shamanic traditions of South America, especially the roots and wisdom of the sacrament, ayahuasca. His retreat center in Florianopolis, Brazil, reminiscent of a perfect get-away on the North Carolina coast, has hosted and supported the journeys of many seeker-pilgrims. Having accomplished multiple degrees from Madrid, Oslo and New York, Luis Eduardo has been a Senior lecturing professor in Sweden, Brazil and currently in Helsinki, Finland.

Luna's workshop at CoSM will consist of two illustrated talks with one densely descriptive title:  AmerIndian Epistemology and Sacred Plants: Artistic Expression, Persecution and Revival. Epistemology, the scientific investigation of the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge, is the expertise of this scholar of philosophy, comparative religions and shamanism. The first talk will concentrate on the Amerindian pre-Columbian knowledge of food, medicine and sacred plants, and their extraordinary expertise in land use. After a break, the second talk will share examples of Amerindian artistic expression of inner states related to shamanism.

This second talk will also uncover the clash of beliefs and knowledge encountered by pre-Columbian Amerindians when they were conquered and oppressed by European invaders starting in 1492. After centuries of suffering and persecution due to their indigenous religious beliefs and their knowledge of the power of sacred plants, these First Nation people are now experiencing a contemporary revival.
 ohio song by alex grey
"Ohio Song" by Alex Grey

Celebrate the Vernal Equinox with us at CoSM -- all afternoon with Luis Eduardo Luna hosted by Alex and Allyson, catch a snack or meal in the Mushroom Cafe, and then stay for an evening of ecstatic music dance, live-painting, fire circle and more.


Alex & Allyson

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