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On the Cusp

Like a brush tip loaded with paint, about to hit a blank canvas, CoSM is poised to begin a new phase. Gathering and aligning documents from architects, engineers, contractors, surveyors and appraisers, opinions and consent from lawyers and CoSM's board, preparing financials for the bank and building plans for our town…

angel gates

CoSM's Angel Gates designed by Alex Grey

Calling on all the people from around the world who have a connection with the art and community of CoSM:

We ask for your prayers and blessings at this moment to allow all necessary paper work and construction proceed with ease and grace and provide a profound spiritual and material grounding for the successful realization of Entheon, CoSM's Sanctuary of Visionary Art.

 entheonLearn more about the Entheon project (click here).


Alex and Allyson

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