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alex-grey-allyson-grey-andreillien-deities-and-demons-cosm Mrs. and Mr. Reaper with Andrelien in the DJ booth

CoSM's Visionary Victorian transformed into a haunted mansion for CoSM's 10th annual Deities and Demons Masquerade Ball. Mr. and Mrs. Reaper opened the evening with a ceremony highlighting the ancient tradition of Halloween. The night then dissolved into glittering chaos of tricks, treats, colorful costumes, art, and live performances.

The Puffer Dome and bonfire provided outdoor set and settings to find visions of heaven and hell. Andreilien, Gladkill, Soulacybin, Sporeganic, Agent Adam Apollo and resident DJs Jon Ohia & Psylander provided transcendental music to the light show of Deciduous Pupils. Ka Amorastreya, moved with the grace and strength of a deity during her Serpent Feathers dance, and dedicated her powerful performance to love.

fire-spinning-at-deities-and-demonsA fire performance at the Deities and Demons Masquerade

tariq-sabur-and-demonArtist, Tariq Sabur with a guest in a very convincing costume

allyson-grey-as-mrs-reaperMrs. Reaper painting Secret Writing...

alex-grey-mr-reaper... Mr. Reaper painting ghosted skulls

gladkill-cosm-deities-and-demonsGladkill in the Nephilnine designed DJ booth.

ka amorastreya serpant feather dance cosm deities and demons 2014Ka's Serpent Feathers dance

john-shook-scultpures-and-paintingsArtist, John Shook with his display of spooky sculptures

lauren-toohey-body-paintingHalf-deity, half demon, Lauren Toohey created incredible masks with facepaint

aerialistAerialist descending to the Earthly realm from above

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