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Join us in San Francisco tonight for a live painting event at 1015 Folsom! We will share latest news about the ENTHEON project around midnight! Excited to be onstage with one of our favorite artists and some great electronic musician friends! Android Jones is one of the most dazzling visionary artists alive and has blown minds around the world with projections of his live electronic painting. Jonathan Singer, the super light slinger will remix A & A imagery. Random Rab is legendary for his trippy melodic anthems on the global festival circuit and AN-TEN-NAE will play a deep acid set. Many other musicians including Thriftworks and Bird of Prey will keep us up late dancing into the morning. Come out, celebrate, and help build CoSM!

TALAT Healing Program to Benefit CoSM

Jonathan Talat, friend of CoSM and Healing Practitioner, has offered CoSM $300 for every person that signs up for his One-Year Online Certification Program and mentions that they would like to make that contribution to CoSM. Electric Jesus author and Evolver co-founder, Talat will be leading this community-based webinar intensive beginning in October 2013, a course centered on the fundamentals of Talat’s unique energy medicine practice. Offering a rare integration of hands-on healing, bioenergetic therapy, anger/shadow work, spiritual warriorship, and life coaching, this program provides a profound immersive training. This healing journey is designed for all levels of previous experience, from beginners to advanced professionals. By mentioning CoSM on your application, $300 will be contributed toward the building of Entheon. Please visit to find out more!

Much love,

Alex & Allyson

Special thanks to Fred Giovannitti for the great photo.


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