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The February Full Moon Ceremony welcomed friends, Stephen and Robin Larsen, both former students of the renowned mythologist, Joseph Campbell, led a Pre-Full Moon Workshop. They taught about the profound nature of myth, and how deeply it permeates our lives and our culture. Evan Pritchard, Wappinger's Native American historian, played traditional and original songs on flute and guitar. Dr. John Dubberstein and Tem Noon masterfully shared their talents on sitar and tabla. Delvin Solkinson encouraged everyone to participate in the upcoming CoSM Journal, theme: Community. Delvin also reported on the completion of the first four-season permaculture certification class at CoSM where students mapped the nature features of the land and made recommendations for CoSM's interactivity with the abundant land.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed collaborative art-making and gourmet snacks in the Mushroom Cafe. As we danced, drumming was provided by percussion group Kidimandi, who will be returned for the  on April 27th Full Moon Celebration. See you at the next Full Moon at CoSM on Saturday, May 25th.

Full-Moon-Feb-24-2013-002Alex and Allyson Grey open the ceremony with gongs.

Full-Moon-Feb-24-2013-010Alex painted along with Stephen Larsen's talk.

Full-Moon-Feb-24-2013-015Stephen and Robin Larsen performed poetry.

Full-Moon-Feb-24-2013-023Delvin Solkinson encouraged everyone to participate in the upcoming CoSM Journal and reported on the four-season permaculture certification.

Check for details on the next Permaculture class, beginning again in October.

Full-Moon-Feb-24-2013-014Evan Pritchard sang and played guitar.

Full-Moon-Feb-24-2013-022Dr. John on the sitar.

Alex and Allyson.

Full-Moon-Feb-24-2013-041Mike Smith serving up rich gluten-free walnut brownies in the Mushroom Cafe.

Guests get creative on a free-style collaboration

Full-Moon-Feb-24-2013-078Kidimandi drumming for dancers in the dining hall.

 (Photos By Scott Corman)

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