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On September 12, 2008, CoSM purchased the deed to 40 acres, six buildings and a barn in the Hudson Valley. CoSM has sur-thrived for five years in this tranquil setting. Lots of learning curve. Plenty far to go to fulfill our mission -- creating an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to serve a global community. Just making it to our fifth anniversary with three buildings beautifully rehabilitated and welcoming over 15,000 community members and visitors is huge evidence of forward motion. Now we focus on the fourth building, Entheon, the exhibition hall of visionary art is our biggest challenge. Visiting the site for the first time, we knew that the Sacred Mirrors series would be exhibited on the upper floor of the 1882 carriage house that will now become Entheon. Gratitude to everyone who has participated in the vision and brought CoSM to its fifth year on this land.

Allyson Grey and Alex Grey sign the deed for CoSM's Wappinger Property, September 12, 2008

One milestone was CoSM's successful Entheon Kickstarter Campaign navigated last spring. Many rewards have been fulfilled and many await fulfillment. Alex completed over fifty original "elements" drawings last week, the $250 reward catagory. When the printed posters come in, the drawings will be shipped with signed posters. Look for them in the next few weeks.

This Sunday, September 15th

Art Church this Sunday afternoon will feature Dr. John and the Clear Light Ensemble. To honor the subject of Clear LIght, Alex will first speak about voidness as the transcendental ground of creation prior to all form. If all creation is one unified field of energy, our being is connected with all that is. Through our sheer existence, we are part of the first day of creation. Allyson will discuss the first parsha, Creation.

Found ourselves watching this episode of J.J. Abrams series, "Fringe" on 9/11 and had no idea about this scene! Synchronicity. Considering 9/11 and the political worlds of fear, violence and instability, we offer a prayer for peace and remembrance of the preciousness of life.

Where will we be on September 11, 2021? It is our intention to be building the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Alex and Allyson

Special thanks to Arve Eiken Nytun for the great photo.

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