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The Foundations of Entheon

Since September when CoSM began building Entheon, there has been an unprecedented activation of Visionary Art energy.
Every workday, our Entheon builders and local masons make progress on preparing the foundation to receive the walls of Entheon.  We see the entryway to the Sacred Mirrors room taking shape in concrete blocks. No roof makes it "Sky Church." Follow allysongreycosm & alexgreycosm twitter / instagram / facebook for updates on temple building as it happens. The blog at catches all the action, as well.

entheon construction

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The Mushroom Cafe mural is expanding and getting more incredible by the week. Just this season Mark Henson, Amanda Sage, David Heskin, Aloria Weaver, Chris Dyer, Randal Roberts, Morgan Mandala have brought the mural a new sense of nature focus and inter-dimensional connectedness.
mark henson mushroom cafe mural

Mark Henson's Luminous Mushroom contribution to the cafe.

mark henson with mushroom cafe mural

Mark with his mural in CoSM's Mushroom Cafe.


core values cosm alex grey

Our core values should harness our passions to our highest possibilities. Core values are the soul's values, the rules by which our soul expands and evolves or feels constricted. We will go over the process by which CoSM arrived at our organization’s core values and see how this system can be used to clarify an individual’s true heart. Each persons creative will is an operating system that can be continually upgraded by clarifying that one’s personal core values are empowering one’s highest visions for their lives as a service to the collective.  Artists of allegorical traditions have portrayed the virtues, the higher aspirations. In this workshop, Alex and Allyson will examine the ideas of compassion, justice, liberty, truth, goodness and charity and call out the archetypal representations of these titanic forces portrayed by Visionary Artists for millennia.

Bring a journal and writing materials for exercises that ask us to examine our own core values and create a space of profound self-reflection. How can an individual make a real difference in the world? What is acceptable and unacceptable in the various areas of your life? About what can you be counted on and are those commitments your core values by choice? Join us to explore how reframing our reality through creative expression and perception, through sacrament and prayer, we can arrive at our moral center.


theosis and the icon art church

Join us at Art Church as we examine the spiritual practice of Theosis. There is a covenant between the sacred artist, the spiritual source and the viewer of the icon. Many religious traditions have a strong symbolic iconic connection to the Divine. How does a glimpse of the mystic state provided by visionary icons promote the spiritual life of the viewer? Visionary Art is a type of sacred art, inspired by the inner visual mystical experience of the artist through sacramental shamanic plants and psychedelics. Can the social function of Visionary Art be likened to the tradition of Theosis?

Art can transform the way we see ourselves and the world.
Sacred art has always depended on this possibility.
Theosis means coming closer to God by contemplation of icons.
New ways of seeing lead to new ways of being.
When your being is transformed,
The world occuring to you transforms.
A great work of art, once seen, is unforgettable.
We encounter an art object and contemplate it.
It remains as a trace in our memory.
Our encounter may have lasted a minute or an hour,
But the artwork is now alive in our minds doing it’s subtle business.
Art can rewire our brains, suggesting a new reality.
Contemplation of a Buddha or Christ icon
Implants the possibility of our own enlightenment.
Icons of a United World, a Sacred Planet,
Are essential now to implant the possibility of saving our collective lives,
Reverencing our Mother Nature Goddesself,
The One WorldSpirit of all plants and creatures.


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