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alex grey allyson grey fonda theatre albert hoffman sacred mirrorsAlex Grey and Allyson Grey speaking at the Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

The Love Tribe sold-out Los Angeles' Henry Fonda Theatre in celebration of the upcoming Tucsan Gem Show; an annual global gathering featuring exquisite specimens of gems and minerals from around the world. The Greys shared a wisdom talk with the crowd before live painting alongside artists, Amanda Sage and Sam Flores, to the sounds of electronic music stars, Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, Russ Liquid and others. Johnathan Singer's visual projections brought the stage to life, featuring melting, morphing animations of Alex and Allyson's paintings laid over 3D printed models of the Sacred Mirror frames and Entheon. Photos by Daniel Leist Photography.

alex grey allyson grey live painting henry fonda theatre random rab entheon booth johnathan singer visuals sacred mirrors random rab

Allyson Grey and Alex Grey live paint amidst their artwork come-to-life.

amanda sage live painting at fonda theater

Visionary artist, Amanda Sage, painting in her signature style.

fonda theatre alex grey allyson grey

Love Tribers at the Fonda Theatre.

random rab fonda theatre

Random Rab, live from the Entheon DJ booth!

recreation fonda theatre gem and jam

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