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Giger's Shadow
Some are born to sweet delight,

Some are born to the endless night.

–William Blake

Monday, May 12th at high noon, the world lost one of it's greatest artists, H.R. Giger.  Hans Ruedi Giger's revelatory depth and power will be felt as long as people care about art. His draughtsmanship surreally summoned forth the darker side of the human collective unconscious, mapping new shadow worlds that need facing. To say he wrestled with demons was an understatement.  They posed for him.  He resurrected and honored them. Giger gave fear a new face, a futuristic alien mother with fangs.  HRG's work was powerful because it tapped symbolic visionary archetypal mythic dimensions of the psyche that not even Freud or Jung could have imagined. The Alien head vaguely recalls the shape of the Egyptian Shadow God, Set.  Giger's work was deeply informed by the Egyptian pantheon, iconography and occult intelligences.

Giger's best known airbrushed shadow worlds articulated the psycho-sexual trauma of postwar Europe in hallucinatory high resolution. Gigerworld is a dangerous place full of predators and malevolent face huggers where human-machine hybrids, his Bio-Mechanoids, reflect a psychic pain of dehumanization as they anticipate a frightening world to come.

As an artist, his accomplishments are unique and extraordinary, including an academy award and position in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.  Most ubiquitous, most imitated surrealist visionary painter after Dali, Giger never had a major U.S. art museum exhibition in his lifetime. Giger was introduced to Dali by Roberto Venosa, another giant of visionary painting.  Giger's work has been celebrated in major museums in Europe and is on permanent display at the Giger Museum Castle in Gruyere, Switzerland.  Well worth the trip, this contemporary museum in an ancient setting was an effort not funded by any sponsor but by the artist and his friends. The forthcoming book on Giger's work by Transpersonal Psychologist, Stanislav Grof offers perspective on HRG's integration of art and psychology and how we can use it to face our own and the world's repressed pathologies.

The international tattoo community translated Giger's extensive oeuvre into miles of inked human skin. In contrast to the worlds he painted, HR was kind, generous and receptive to young artists, meeting and exhibiting dozens of Visionary and Surrealist artists at the Giger Museum Castle.    His excellence was an inspiration to all artists.  A visit to the Giger Museum and the Giger Bar is unforgettable. Painter, sculptor, magician, architect, Giger changed the world, giving us new icons for addiction and apocalypse, helping us imagine and integrate painful truths about the human condition.  By such sorcery his shadow will always shine.

HR Giger at the Giger Museum, with Allyson Grey, Stanislav Grof & Alex Grey, 2008


Here's our recommendation for an exquisite spring Saturday. Enjoy a full day and evening at CoSM. Guests are welcome at noon when the cafe and store will be open and picnic lunches will be available.

At 3pm, join a drawing workshop for artists at any level of experience. "The Mandala: Expressing Your Inner Light," three hours of drawing with music and conscious movement will be led by CoSM wise woman, Eileen “Rosie” Rose and CoSM's beloved fitness guru, Dr. Michael Garger. Mandala is Sanskrit for "sacred circle," and refers to a center-focused work of visual art used as an aid to meditation, prayer and the inner journey.  Count on Chi Kung movement, mandala drawing and soul centering uplifting.


Next, #147 in an unbroken chain of CoSM Full Moon Ceremonies. At the May 2014 Full Moon Ceremony we will first bear witness to the betrothal of Marayel and Lance followed by poetry, wisdom, music, blessings and declarations.  After the ceremony (9:30pm), begins a group sand mandala lead by Rosie & Mike, a fire circle with fire dancing, refreshments and consorting, Barefoot/slipper dancing to music by Shwex until 1am.  Visionary Artist Michael Divine will live paint, check out his new Artbook.  Join us for the entire journey.

Group Sand Mandala with Rosie


Spend Sunday afternoon at CoSM. Art Church begins at 1pm. Start with us and staying for the entire journey that includes drawing, music, inner seeing, wisdom, and edutainment. This month, we reflect on a subject dear to the heart of CoSM, the history of visionary art.

"An emerging worldwide Visionary Art Movement is sweeping the internet and festival culture, bringing forth contemporary sacred translations of Mystical Experiences. For many creative spiritual artists, for seekers of the postmodern shamanic journey this growing genre is increasingly relevant. Visionary art encourages the development of our intuitive inner "eye of the soul." The visionary realm embraces the entire spectrum of imaginal spaces, from heaven to hell, from the infinitude of forms to formless voids. The visionary realm is the space we visit during dreams and altered or heightened states of consciousness. An artist’s mission is to make the soul perceptible." -- Alex Grey

A lively discussion of our roots as visionary artists will be followed by a brief art lesson and opportunities to portray our visions on paper. Bring a sketchbook and colors. Paper and pens are also available for all. Those that can stay until the end are invited to an early evening walk-about CoSM with Alex and Allyson.


Check out this great Telesummit on Healing with Art hosted by the high priestess of Art & Healing, Mary Rockwood Lane, PhD, RN, FAAN.

Joined by wise and caring luminaries, this FREE telesummit offers hours of enlightened conversation from accomplished and renowned wellness and arts professionals.

Click Here for
Allyson & Alex Grey Healing Arts Telesummit Conversation, May 2014


Alex & Allyson


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