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What happened to the Ark of the Covenant when it disappeared from the Temple of Solomon? This Saturday, in the first of his three illustrated journeys, Graham Hancock, the renowned author and entheo-anthropologist will address this question, one of the Bible's greatest mysteries. After a break, Graham will continue with a short introduction of his epic-adventure novel War God, a story of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico against a backdrop of witchcraft and sorcery. In Act Three: Magicians of the Gods, Graham will share compelling new evidence in support of his controversial thesis of a lost civilization. CoSM is deeply honored to host such a rare intensive program by our dear friend, Graham, a master unraveler of ancient enigmas and conundrums of consciousness. Just earlier this year Graham's famously banned TedX talk, "The War on Consciousness," brilliantly unmasks contemporary societies oppressive anti-sacramentalism. Come meet this champion of cognitive liberty at CoSM Saturday.

Quite incidentally, we are writing from Tel Aviv where tomorrow we will be visiting the Wailing Wall, the site of the Second Temple of Solomon, which stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from 516 BCE - 70 CE.

It is with great pleasure we announce that the Entheon Book is ready at last to be sent to all 1,510 Kickstarter Backers who were promised this reward last spring. We are delighted to share it, as well, with everyone who reads this newsletter. Go to the download link (click here) and download this pdf booklet detailing the past, present and anticipated future of this sacred building project, the fulfillment of a vision to create a sanctuary of visionary art at CoSM.

Happy Halloween!


Alex and Allyson

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