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Our deepest gratitude to everyone who has backed our 37-day Entheon Kickstarter Campaign which ends at midnight Friday. Due to the masterful direction of Nick Kraz, premier filmmaker/videographer and Kickstarter campaign manager, the Entheon fundraiser met it's goal on day twenty-nine. With 45 hours to go at newsletter launch, we can report that the past month has been one exhilarating push and learning experience.

How do we transmit our inspired fervor to create  a temple of visionary art, an experience that could be a legacy for our community? How do we ask others to help us make a vision a reality? It takes a miracle of creative imagination on the part of a community to envision a sacred space into existence and that is precisely what happened. Thank you to 1,200 backers (and still counting) who responded and are taking the Entheon project to the next level toward it's realization.

Thank you to Joe Rogan --

Thank you to Alan Steinfeld --

Thank you to Reality Sandwich --

Thank you to Tool --

Thank you to Kickstarter --

Most of all, thank you to the CoSM Staff. A staff picture is rare indeed in our busy hive where we all wear many hats.

May we introduce to you the most current stars in the CoSMosis.



Matt Dudin [beekeeper, alpaca keeper, entrepreneur], CFO;

Jess Shada [artist/designer], CoSM Shop Manager;

Brian James, [artist, fire spinner extraordinaire] Head Builder and Site Manager


Allyson Grey [artist] Co-founder, Co-Director

Alex Grey [artist] Co-founder, Co-Director

Joness Jones, [painter/muralist] Media Lab Artist/Designer;

Sharon Stelluto, [artist] Hospitality Coordinator;

Michael Smith [musician] Cafe Coordinator;

Eli Morgan, [DJ  E.L.I], Creative Director, Travel Manager;


Sharon Fulcher, [artist], Staff Artist/Personal Assistant;

Gordon McPherson, [DJ Psylander] Unstoppable Force of Shipping;

Jeffrey Wilson, [sculptor] Master Carpenter;

Tim Mundy [artist, fire spinner extraordinaire], Master Mason,Army of One;

Jon "Ohia" Wilson [social sculptor], Program Coordinator, Production & Social Media Manager;

Rey Soto [bowling super-star], Volunteer Coordinator, Cafe & Shipping Supervisor


Ian Arremony, [artist], our beloved Chef

Oscar Cardenas, [earthworks artist], Grounds Caretaker, Master Chef

Laura Bellizzi, [bass player], Assistant Hospitality Coordinator

Maggie [writer] Gardening Specialist

Thanks to the many wonderful volunteers that offer themselves everyday.

Shout out to Jay Klum, Cole Pierson, Nick, Emily, Nancy, and so many others that offer Karma Yoga at CoSM.
Two days left, 1201 backers, $177k pledged, 140% of goal... So if we reach 150% or $187,500 then we promise everyone at $75 pledge and above will also get a vintage signed KISSING black and white poster, in honor of our first day together 38 years ago, May 31.  Our love was the holy possibility of Entheon existing, and our working together to make it happen.  May the blessings of love bring you all your highest visions!

Kissing lithograph poster, signed by the artist

This weekend at CoSM - Visionary Communities featuring Damanhur & The Oracle Institute

Join us for a conversation with Laura George and Mimi George of Oracle Institute and the intentional community of Damanhur.

These leaders represent organizations at the evolutionary edge of creative spirit, harnessing the empowered community to build sacred space for the new millennium.One of Alex's favorite books currently is the Oracle Institute book, The Truth: About the Five Primary Religions (2006) by Laura George. Also, check out the CoSM Press book on the community of Damanhur illustrating the history and life of a thirty-year community of artist temple builders.


Alex and Allyson

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