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CoSM's Visionary Salon series was honored to host world renowned, best-selling author, and dear friend, Graham Hancock. Delivered to a packed house, Graham offered compelling evidence of a lost civilization. Extensive research from ancient sites all over the planet supports a theory that 12,000+ years ago megalithic sites appeared  all over the world, astronomically aligned with particular star systems at notable points in history. The talk was brilliantly illustrated with exquisite images by photographer, Santha, Graham's wife and partner, including deep sea photography from underwater cities. Graham then discussed his new novel War God, a story of Spanish conquistador, Cortez, who conquering Mesoamerica.  Interweaving historical accounts and mysterious legends, Graham described conflicts between the Aztec civilization.

After dinner, Graham continued his day-long lecture marathon with a short presentation about psycho-actives, states of consciousness and personal growth accessible through plant sacraments. Media attention recently surrounded Graham's revolutionary TED talk entitled, "The War On Consciousness," which challenges civil rights restrictions on cognitive liberty. Graham proposes that a ‘war on consciousness’ forestalls a higher state of awareness possible through shamanic principles and psycho-actives such as the South American brew, ayahuasca. The audience grew throughout the day and those that stayed for the entire journey were treated a lively, wisdom-filled question and answer period. Graham Hancock is a hero at CoSM, applauded for his diligent research, his depth and understanding of sacramental civilizations of past and present day.

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