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Holy Day Reflections from Alex & Allyson

The longest night of the year is tonight. For many of us, this has been a year filled with periods of darkness and emotional pain. Can we let go of our darkness, our fear, greed, hatred, delusions? Solstice means "the sun stands still." At solstices, the movement of the Sun's path, as seen from Earth, comes to a stop before reversing direction about three days later. For millennia, winter solstice celebrations have heralded the return of the light, for light means life and love. The Sun God is reborn and festivals of light are celebrated throughout the world. The Christ archetype represents the Godself in each of us, the divine light becoming human. The remembrance of Jesus Christ's holy birth is observed on December 25th, just following the solstice in alignment with the return of the light. Centuries before Christianity replaced the cults of Rome, the same date commemorated the birth of Mithra and later Sol Invictus (Invincible Sun), the official Sun God of the Roman empire.

This Holy week, Jews worldwide will be celebrating the 8-day Festival of the Light, Hanukah, in remembrance of the light returning after tragedy, the destruction of the first Jewish synagogue. This holiday reminds us of the obstacles confronted when new thought challenges the beliefs of others. In memory of the destroyed temple, we practice tolerance and rebounding. We actively pursue the light of love and kindness in the face of harsh circumstances, injustice and defeat.

In the spirit of this shining moment when the light of the sun begins to grow longer and stronger, take time to imagine the brightness of your subtle body. Envision the spark of your heartbeat sending out pulses surrounding you like an orb. Imagine your body is the heart of the sun, and your spherical aura is the sun’s surface. Melt into the radiant power of the sun as a light being and return the light of life and love into all of your creations. Our friends and family wish yours a blessed holiday.

In the painting Holy Family the golden child points upward toward the One Light illuminating all wisdom traditions. A halo of enlightened vision surrounding the child's head, brings together symbols of world religions. Although danger lurks below, parents adore the child with the earth as it's heart, carrying hope for the future of humanity.

Weekend Open Hours @ CoSM:

Make CoSM a holiday destination this season. CoSM will be open from noon - 6pm, Friday, Saturday and Monday. Closed on Christmas Day. Bring loved ones and explore winter’s beauty with a walk in the woods and contemplating Visionary Art this weekend at CoSM.

The Mushroom Cafe and CoSM Shop will be open to serve you delicious food and artful gifts. Art and peaceful beauty await you at CoSM. Joy to the World!

Yoga Wednesdays @ CoSM:

Fluid Yoga
with Emily Rose
7:30pm - 8:30pm

Release some holiday endorphin's on Wednesday at Fluid Yoga with Emily Rose. Experience your flowing breath connecting with mindful sequential movement, increase strength and flexibility, refine grounding and balanced. Emily explores with you the detoxifying cleansing found in the movement of water and the strengthening core fire of the body, empowering our breath and our soul.

Vision Tree by Alex Grey

Embrace the space and rejuvenate the spirit. Train your mind in embracing contentment and peace to better face daily challenges.
Come with an open heart and leave yoga practice filled with bliss.

$10 donation requested for yoga class. Mats available. All levels of experience welcome.



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