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Something exciting is happening at the corner of 6th and 15th Street in Manhattan! If you are in the New York City area looking for the art of Burning Man and the like, visit Imagine Gallery, an art zone co-created by the visionary real estate company, Stonehenge in partnership with three New York artist Burners: Shannon Shiang, Peter Ruprecht and Yarrow Mazzetti.

From Feb.19th to March 4th, we join the ongoing group exhibition as guest artists, showing both original solo paintings, collaborations that were live-painted on stages around the world, plus precious and giant reproductions. On Saturday, Feb. 22, from 6 - 10 pm we will be there at Imagine Gallery signing Net of Being books and CoSM Journals. At 7pm on Saturday, we'll offer an illustrated talk about Visionary Culture with an update on our most exciting upcoming project, the building of Entheon, CoSM's sanctuary of visionary art.

Twelve foot print of Theologue by Alex Grey, (l to r) Vajra/Hamsa Being Collab by A & A,
Wrathful Guardian by Alex Grey, Mayan Being Collab by A & A

Eight foot prints of Chaos and Order (which were first exhibited at Burning Man's Entheon Village, 2006),
original framed watercolors and an oil painting of Allyson's life-long series, Chaos, Order and Secret Writing.



AJ and Howard Rymland, 1962

Allyson: Gratitude to so many friends for the heart-filled condolence messages that have come in from near and far. My mother died on January 29th and then my father passed on,18 days later, on February 16th. How blessed that we were together the previous week. Howard and A.J. lived the lives they creatively sculpted. As camp directors for twenty-five years, they mentored hundreds of girls and women that came to Camp Rapputak to live in a harmonious community for eight glorious, unforgettable summer weeks. For a life-training in which each summer consisted of a completely unique set of teachings that so memorably and deeply, molded my character, my gratitude overflows. My parents set me up for life with the best education money could buy and set me loose. Their example was to do what you love, to take risks and tell the good stories.

Married for 66 years, they spent their last chapter in the exquisite tranquility of the pines.  Alex and I are deeply appreciative to be able to share the passing of both my parents at CoSM's first two memorial services held at the Full Moon and then at Art Church last weekend. How fortunate to have a context to share the pain and poignancy of our sacred passages. What a treasure to find you are not alone in your suffering, and that loving family surrounds you in a community of spirit.

With love,

Allyson and Alex

Special thanks to Anil Gupta for the great photo.


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