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Greetings Sacred Mirrors,

Each individual self is supported by an invisible network of relationships, an evolving web of intelligence and compassion called our community. The family is our first community. Our personality and the way we get along with others is conditioned by our early relationships. Experiences in a classroom, our neighborhood, a work environment, the state and country with which we identify, a spiritual community, each influences our perspective on life and our sense of global and cosmic citizenship. Some communities have lasted thousands of years, some arise and dissolve in an hour. In today’s atmosphere of internet communication, we find new ways of relating in social networks. Awareness of world citizenship is increasing as we encounter the effects of circumstances and events far away. Globally empathic responses to catastrophes in Fukushima, Haiti, the Gulf of Mexico and other disaster torn areas, point to a sense of responsibility and outreach by planetary friends.

Because our heartbeat sends an electromagnetic pulse wave eight feet out from our bodies, through our auric light bodies into the space we occupy, a subtle bio-energetic envelope forms around gatherings of people. When people who hold common core values and beliefs pray together, all in a positively charged bio-energetic field, with wise guidance, this is the kind of thing that heals and transforms people. When we are close and in resonance, our subtle energetic fields are shmooshing together, moving energy from one field to another, ricocheting the good vibrations until a thick honey blanket of love fills the room.  We feel this at practically every Full Moon Ceremony, and in the workshops, like our upcoming Omega Visionary Art Intensive coming up.

Creating holy places and worship ceremonies brings heaven to earth. Heart centered communities call in both earthly and heavenly forces to support spiritually focused tasks. A classic act of devotion by sacred community is building a temple.  Building a house of prayer is is the opposite of war, a way to wage peace in the world.Today, we signed a commitment letter with our local Rhinebeck bank to help build Entheon, CoSM's Sanctuary of Visionary Art.  Construction will begin this summer. Fingers crossed, Goddess willing. Be a part of this exciting adventure unfolding in the next two years. The just-released CoSM Journal; theme: Community, offers an illuminating history of the body, mind and soul of  CoSM's journey to create a temple.

After CoSM Journal's introductory issue in 2004 (now out-of-print), subsequent issues focused on Sacred Architecture, Rituals & Mystery Schools, The Body, Entheo-Art, Human/Nature, Cosmic Creativity and now Community, a subject very dear to our hearts.  To receive your copy of CoSM Journal #8: Community, order it online here or better yet, become a member of CoSM and receive on in your membership packet.  

Of course you can always pick up a CoSM Journal when you visit CoSM in the Hudson Valley. Come to CoSM this weekend, stay over in the guest house and recharge your batteries in the healing embrace of CoSM's nature-field where the grounds are blooming beautiful!This Friday, May 30 marks the 39th anniversary of our first date.  The inevitable consequence of love is the building of temples.


Alex & Allyson

P.S.: Tickets left for CoSM's Summer Solstice Celebration are limited. The event is predicted to be off the hook.  Pre-sale only!

P.P.S.:  So many friends and great music coming up at Elements of Bass! See you soon, Seattle!

P.P.P.S: Immerse your inner artist in the 5-Day Visionary Art Intensive, the 24th Annual at Omega. Late June. Sign-up now!

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