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The concept of Liminality was coined by anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep in 1908, to describe the 2nd stage of a 3 part transformative ritual. This is where the initiate has already entered the mystery, and now stands at the threshold, between the past self and future self. The stages of ritual formalize a psychic process an individual undergoes in identity shifting rites of passage, the turning point from youth to adulthood, from single to married, from middle-age to sage. The liminal stage is the phase where we let go of the past and embrace the new person we are becoming, we expand our consciousness and newly evolved psychic abilities come into play.

Many of us have felt telepathic -- thought of someone before they call or message, heard or saw an apparition or an aberrant light in the sky, and perhaps even intuiting the future before it happens. Remote viewing, automatic writing, lucid dreaming, telepathy, channeling… unexplainable personal experiences bring us to psi edge of consciousness. From the profane to the profound; from angels to aliens, Alan Steinfeld has traveled the globe in search of truth, esoteric knowledge and ancient wisdom. He has produced over 3,000 interview programs with leading-edge, international paradigm shifters and religious leaders. The word "raconteur" thoroughly describes Alan's talent as a teacher, entertainer and witness to many mysteries of consciousness investigation. Join Alan this Saturday afternoon at CoSM for a pre- Full Moon interactive discussion of liminality, matters at the threshold of sensation and comprehension. Stay for the Full Moon and have a Liminal experience!

Keeping Resolve
Over two weeks ago many of us made New Year's resolutions and already many of us have "slid back" into old habits. Scranton University psychology professor John Norcross, in his book Changeology: 5 Steps to Realizing your Goals and Resolutions, uses the word SMART as an acronym for setting targets and achieving goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-specific. If your New Year's resolutions lack definition, pin yourself down in time and space. At CoSM Full Moon Ceremonies all are invited to declare their highest intention to the community. Sharing our goals with others makes us accountable, holds our feet to the fire and gives those that care a chance to share personal insights and even valuable referrals. Everywhere we travel all over the globe, folks ask us, "How is that Chapel of Sacred Mirrors project coming along?" Sharing our mission and journey powerfully, creatively, publicly, through pictures, social media and art has guided us toward fulfilling our mission and facilitated personal transformation. We move forward but we also fall back. Starting again and again is called practice and it is the only way to transform a well-worn groove.


God is the Divine Artist, and Cosmos is the evolving masterwork of creation. Each of us carry a spark of God's infinite inventive force, which seeks expression through our lives and works. In Art Church, we gather as community to activate our creativity as spiritual practice. When we gather and make art together, often a new way of seeing emerges. We are here, as Sacred Mirrors, to reflect and re-enforce the revolutionary power of art in our lives.

Art Church is a Sunday afternoon event at CoSM led by Alex and Allyson. Always bring basic, favorite art supplies to Art Church -- a sketchbook, pens, pencils. Paper and pens will also be available at the door. Alex opens the session with an update, a rant from the heart, and some orienting generalities. The art meditation follows with silent drawing and music for about forty minutes. Bring a sacred vessel you might like to draw. After drawing we share and take a break. The Mushroom Cafe and CoSM Shop is open. After the break, we meet back for an art lesson, this week we draw ellipses. Then a special Art Church presentation and discussion on Sacramental Culture.

From the cradles of Eastern and Western civilization to contemporary trance and neo-shamanic subcultures, the human urge to achieve visionary states of consciousness through the ingestion of sacramental, mind-expanding substances is as old as history itself. Through plant medicines and chemical epiphanies, the drive to risk hell to experience heaven has unfolded into a modern day planetary spiritual movement. Tracing generations of God seekers, the Grey's will share extraordinary visual depictions of inner journeys from the art of this ancient and emerging visionary culture.


We are looking forward to seeing our friends in Maui at the Mystic Island Festival later this month! There will be a Body and Soul drawing workshop and we will be painting onstage with some of our favorite electronic musicians. Be renewed by the creative energy fields of community as you embrace the inspiring beauty of Maui.


Alex and Allyson

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