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02/06/2013 - Albert Hoffman used to say that love was the highest refinement of light because all life owes it's existence to the sun. Our planet is at just the proper distance from a star to not be scorched and not be frozen, perfect for the emergence of self-replicating DNA. Every phase of cosmic evolution has been a succession of miracles. First was the differentiation between light and void in the flaring birth of our cosmos. The cosmic creative force emerged from seething chaos sub-atomic particles to atoms, molecules, cells, multi-cellular beings, each a giant leap of becoming over billions of years, to form the material world we know. Einstein claimed he was most astonished by the fact of "the existence of anything at all." The human species has mythologized the force of love in Eros, the erotic urgency toward the beloved. The Force of Love at the source and center of existence has called forth the universe to discover itself. Forces weave the tapestry of our world, sewn together by sacred relationships.

Of all the forces
The strong, the weak, the gravitational
The electromagnetic
The strangest, strongest force of all
Is the force of Love.
Beyond all form
Love is the kosmic adhesive
Binding the All
And playing out its rites
In every dimension.

-- from "The Love Rites of Kali and Shiva", Art Psalms by Alex Grey

A partner is a Sacred Mirror, shining a light on our best qualities and shadows, presenting a lifetime of opportunities for self-reflection and transformation. Join us At Art Church February 17 for a post-Valentine's look at Sacred Relationships and share our most profound findings from practicing the art of loving another. Partners and singles welcome. Bring art supplies and start the journey with music and drawing in the library by the fire.

To honor Valentine's Day 2013, the painting, "Love Is A Cosmic Force" is now available as a beautiful limited edition giclee print on canvas. All proceeds support the CoSM project, because the inevitable consequence of love is the building of Temples.

We are headed to the Tucson Gem and Jam Show where we will paint on stage, meet and greet the Love Tribe and lead a 4-hour Body & Soul Drawing Ritual with live models. Turn on your light body and attune yourself to the presence of the human aura in relation to the flesh. Bring your drawing materials and experience art as a spiritual practice.


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