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The National UFO Reporting Center Online Database offers the first recorded human sighting in June of 1400 AD. There's 160 years before the next report on record and then the next report  200 years later. The 1700's had two sightings and then things started to pick up in the 1800's with thirteen recorded encounters. There are 51,974 UFO sightings currently indexed. The number of recorded sightings are up 19% this month over last month and 16% this year so far over last year at this time. Recorded data of the, so called, "modern era" of Ufology appeared post World War II, yet we are told that UFO reports go back to ancient times. Even cave drawings, sculptures, paintings, and folklore of yesteryear show an influence of flying machines on mankind.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs with flying machines? photo: Alex Grey

The UFO is a visionary phenomena. A serious investigation of Ufology leads to much mystery and little closure. For some, mystery is uncomfortable, perhaps because accepting the unknown demands a new way of thinking. Dr. Carl Jung, the preeminent psychologist, embraced both camps on the UFO mystery: one camp thinks of the UFO phenomenon as a psychological condition, the other camp believes UFO's are a technological visitation from another planet and/or dimension, and/or time. As an influential psychologist, Jung commented on the phenomenon from an archetypal perspective but always left the door open to the technological possibilities that aliens and alien craft might, in reality, be entering our world.  Jung avoided commitment on the subject, allowing the door to remain cracked open to mystery. We love UFO phenomena because it has mythic archetypal and social, even cosmic dimensions that make new realities possible. Once our mind accepts the possibility that earth or our own minds can be visited by aliens, what else is possible? If we imagine that UFO's are both inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial, we must believe there are technological and/or spiritual worlds way beyond our understanding. Which leads to the alien/angel overlap.  Humanity has always felt the presence of angels and higher beings.  Come to CoSM this weekend to explore the Mystery of UFO's with contemporary experts in the field.

Join us this Saturday night for a night of Ufology with our friend, the raconteur of New Realities, Alan Steinfeld.

Alan brings with him four ufology experts:

- Richard Dolan, speaking about the Secret Government of the National Security State.

- Duncan Cameron of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project will demonstrate primordial scripting, a language that could potentially be used to understand off-planet communications.

- Dr. Bill Wiand will speak about the history of UFO’s in the Hudson Valley and expand on his personal contact with ET’s and abduction. Dr. Wiand will address the spiritual component of extraterrestrial contact.

During the afternoon program, Alex and Allyson will be live-painting their vision of the alien and alien language. Bring a sketchbook and your favorite colors and feel free to interpret and share your vision.

Following the speaker and guest dinner, we will again adjourn to the Library where producer, James Carman will present his award-winning film , The Hidden Hand; Alien Contact and the Government Cover-up. Join us for the entire UFO journey.

Look forward to seeing you there.


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