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With CoSM's second 7-day Painting Intensive of the summer coming up this week, we discovered an early interview in which Alex talks about the spiritual in modern art and the new eyes that visionary mystical experiences bring to the creative process. Keep painting and drawing while you listen to Alex describing how creative people serve art's mission to make the soul perceptible.

Xavi is Coming

Xavi with his storefront mural on the historic Haight St. of San Francisco, CA.

For over a decade, Xavi has been a dynamic force in the global Visionary Art movement, bringing his vibrant paintings, live murals and multi-media art installations to festivals and venues around the world. Xavi will be an artist in residence at CoSM next week. We look forward to his contribution to the Mushroom Cafe mural. Think it will be the ceiling.

Join Xavi in exploring how to tap deeper into your own personal connection to your real Source of Art. Recognizing all artists as unique facets of the Creators energy, Xavi will share his perspective on discovering your unique artistic voice and unleashing the raw power waiting to burst forth in your creativity. Xavi will share his thoughts on how the patterns of nature can teach us everything we need to know about art and design.See you soon!


Alex & Allyson

Special thanks to Jonny for the great photo.

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