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Entheon BoothAllyson and Alex Grey with the 3D printed Entheon DJ booth, on stage at Bicycle Day, 2013.

April 18-19, 2013 -- On our California tour, we stopped in San Francisco to host our annual Bicycle Day Celebration. While in the Bay Area, we joined the MAPS conference in Oakland to lead a Body and Soul Drawing Ritual, an experiential happening that includes vision practices, music plus yogis and yoginis to inspire our drawings.

alex_teaching_at_mapsAlex Grey shows the proportions of the human body.

Alex_teaching_body_and_soul_at_MAPSStudents listen attentively as Alex shares his wisdom.

San Francisco, April 19th -- Thousands joined in CoSM's fourth annual celebration of Bicycle Day.  It was the 70th anniversary of the day Dr. Albert Hoffman took his famous bicycle ride after being the first to ingest his original chemical formula, LSD-25, the most powerful psychoactive substance ever formulated. For this special occasion, the freshly printed 3D-modeled Entheon DJ booth was unveiled. Musical artists Kaminanda, Bluetech, Random Rab, and Shpongle launched the remarkable sculptural stage set. On the venue's top floor, a sensational exhibit of visionary art was on view, organized by in the Tribe13 gallery. Music, dancing, fashion, and creative decor combined to create a rare and extraordinary atmosphere for Bicycle Day 2013.

allyson_speaking_at_bicycle_dayAllyson welcomes friends before a projection of Alex's portrait,
"St. Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution."

AAG Bike DayAlex and Allyson painting collaboration on Bicycle Day.

alex_live_paintingAlex Grey live painting.

Allyson 1
Allyson Grey live paints as Random Rab plays music from the Entheon DJ booth.

The Tribe13 Gallery buzzing with conversation.

amanda_randall_roman_joness   Artists Amanda Sage, Randall Roberts, Roman Villagrana, and
Joness Jones paint together in the upstairs gallery. AW and Bluetech Bike DayTo the smooth sounds of Bluetech, Anthony Ward "dances flower sculptures into being."

Stanley Mouse bike day
Legendary artist, Stanley Mouse, paints a live portrait of a lovely model.

Simon Bike DaySimon Posford rocks the Shpongle dance floor.

alex_with_entheon_dj_booth_bicycle_dayAlex Grey with the 3D model of his Entheon temple design.

A special thanks to the photographers at for their fantastic captures of Bicycle Day.

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