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Saturday @ CoSM:

Full Moon Workshop
Voice Journey: 

Connecting to Divine Creativity through Sound and Song
with Stephanie Rooker
3pm - 6pm

Sing to feel good with Stephanie Rooker, this Saturday at CoSM.
No previous singing experience necessary - only the desire to free your voice!
Enjoy dinner and entry to the Full Moon Gathering all for one price.

Photo by, Sekaya

Just as we share the air we breathe with all living things, we are swimming in an infinite sea of vibration that is existence.  Through deep, embodied listening, we can explore our profound experience as part of this sea of vibration. Awaken the power of the unique vibration we each hold within helps us actualize our essential harmony with the world around us.

Photo by, Ashley Dupree

This workshop introduces exercises in tone, sound, and song to awaken your cosmic voice and skillfully weave it into the universal tapestry of vibration.Integrating healthy vocal technique with fundamental principles of sound healing, we cultivate a deeper familiarity with and trust in our voices, such that they become the resounding instruments that they are meant to be. Joining in the dance of sound and silence, we open the creative channel and allow the voice to flow freely through us, unconstrained by inhibition.

March Full Moon Gathering &
Allyson Grey Birthday Celebration!

Full Moon Ceremony
Wisdom, Music, & More
with hosts, Alex & Allyson
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Share art and spirit with community and celebrate the Orb of Night.
Full Moon gatherings celebrate a performative evening of wisdom, poetry, music and art.
This Full Moon gathering is on Allyson's Birthday & Solar Return!Join us for CoSM's 189th consecutive honoring of the fullness of the moon and share a weave of sacred paths and the power of love through creative expression.
Opening ceremony led by Alex & Allyson in the Library; 7:30pm - 9:30pm.
After Celebration; 9:30 - midnight.
Seating for the performative program begins at 7pm.

Photo by, Melissa Robin

Full Moon After-Celebration
Featuring Live Music by EarthCry
Anthony Thogmartin of Papadosio
9:30 pm - midnight

Enjoy the live eclectic music style of EarthCry,
plus interactive art making, and performance painting.
Reserve your "Supportrait” by Alex Grey, created for one guest or a couple, to support CoSM.
Chat with Allyson about Art & Life.
Live painters: Sweet Melis, Krystleyez, Lauren Nova, Alex Polanco, Alexa Spaddy & Caren Charles,
Louie Izzo and Natalie Doud. Body painting by Keiara Gallodoro.


"The World is Your Oyster" painting by featured live artist, Sweet Melis.

Set creative intentions participating in the community sand mandala,
facilitated by Rosie & Dr. Mike.
Have a tarot reading by the intuitive, Marcy.
Celebrate the return of the Full Moon with visionary family and cosmic friends.

Sunday @ CoSM

Sound Body Yoga
with Stephanie Rooker and Sarah Capua
10am - noon

Sound Body Yoga is the union of yoga and sound healing. In a wholly integrated practice, Sarah Capua and Stephanie Rooker pull from the depths of their own rooted lineages to illuminate profound and nourishing tools of practice. Movement is weaved deeply with the breath, with postures, breathing practices, visualization, and intention all directed toward cultivating awareness and connection.

Students are held in a container of intuitive, improvisational sound, drawing them inward in self exploration and outward to the community that supports our practice. Sound Body Yoga aims to access the whole of ourselves and the incredible wealth of inner support available to us when we are embodied in our breath, our body, and our voice.

Join Stephanie and Sarah in a sound yoga journey Sunday morning before Art Church.
Class begins at 10 am. All levels of experience welcome. Mats available.

Art Church:
Liberation through Seeing

with Alex & Allyson
1pm - 5pm

There is a special class of esoteric art objects in Tibet that are said to plant seeds of liberation in the mindstream of the viewer and be a catalyst for spiritual awakening. The name of these objects in Tibetan is (Rig-pa ngo-sprod gcer-mthong rang-grol) translating as liberation through seeing. These artifacts, like the “Black Hat of the Karmapas” or the statue of Padmasambhava that was blessed by him are felt to transmit enlightening energies.  All the world’s wisdom traditions seek to embody spiritual presence in their creative expressions.  The promise in all sacred art is an encounter with the holy, to “set us free.”

According to  the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism, Moksha means emancipation, liberation or release. Moksha connotes freedom from saṃsāra, the cycle of death and rebirth. Metaphorically, Moksha refers to self-realization and self-knowledge. The path to moksha is described in this 8th Century Hindu text:

Beyond caste, creed, family or lineage,
That which is without name and form, beyond merit and demerit,
That which is beyond space, time and sense-objects,
You are that, God itself;
Meditate this within yourself.

— Verse 254, Vivekachudamani, 8th Century AD

"Vajra Guru" painting by, Alex Grey, 2016.

To wake up a worshipper to Divinity is the mission of an icon painter. Christians icons are considered windows to heaven or doorways to the sacred. Looking through the window, ceremonially consecrated by a priest, empowers the transmission of the sanctified art object. The eyes of spirit portrayed in a Christian icon painting gaze back sending love to the devoted, making the work of art a two-way Sacred Mirror.

Accessing the Divine Imagination, an artist may feel morally compelled to share an effective icon representing that experience. Contemplating that artifact, the consciousness of a viewer could be uplifted to a higher spiritual orientation. Direct contact with Transcendental reality, the mystical experience, brings relief from suffering. By dis-identifying with the limited ego-self, we open to a true unbounded state that is described in the mythology of all religions. Holy artworks are sacred mirrors that can transmit the highest wisdom and compassion into the heart of the beholder.

"Fate of the Light", watercolor by, Allyson Grey, 1979.

Join us at Art Church, Sunday, to examine our own “tight place” and discover how meditating on sacred objects of contemplation can provide “Liberation Upon Seeing.” Bring one or more of your personal “Power Objects” to draw.



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