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Meliorism is the belief that the world gets better and that humans can improve the world.  William James, the great 19th century psychologist who wrote "Varieties of Religious Experience," was an early exponent.  In the wake of the planet's current human inflicted eco-stress, meliorism may seem like hubris. Yet, we see signs of consciousness transformation throughout our world.  The intelligence network of the web connects our dawning planetary civilization as never before. Humanity has a better chance for a just and tolerant world today as issues like racism, misogyny, homophobia are being addressed worldwide and new laws with new protections are enacted.  There is cause for meliorism in fields like Permaculture and Myco-remediation where study of eco-systems inspire sustainable strategies and new technologies.  A belief in the positive potential of humanity acknowledges the evolutionary trajectory of the Soul, radiant with love and creative power, at the center of each person. People throughout the world are waking up to the divine light within. Visionary Art is an expression of this awakening.

The current exhibition at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), located in Baltimore, Maryland, is a timely and playful examination of the serious impact of technology on our lives, as seen through the eyes of more than forty visionary artists, cutting edge futurists, and inventors. This exhibition asks this question: With two billion personal computers and DNA mapping clearly present in the culture and science, are we becoming a better, healthier, happier, less warlike, human race?

Five key works by Alex Grey are included in the exhibition -- four original Sacred Mirrors and the beloved painting, "Gaia."

Join us Sunday, March 9th (1-5pm) at AVAM for a conference and conversation on "Singularity and the Soul."  The Singularity is the hypothesized time when robots are indistinguishable from human beings.  Will human beings be able to immortalize through technology?  Featured speakers will be visionary artist & co-founder of CoSM, Alex Grey;  trans-humanist, author and inventor of the Sirius Satellite Network, and co-founder of the Terasem Movement, Martine Rothblatt; Futurist author and radio broadcaster, Zohara Hieronimus, and exhibition curator: Rebecca Hoffberger. A tour of the exhibition by the curator will follow the talk. We will be on the tour. The Conference is free with museum admission. The tour is an additional $5.

The Imagine Gallery exhibition in NYC of originals and prints by both Alex and Allyson will continue through the weekend.

Imagine Gallery, 15th St. & 555 6th Ave., NYC.


We hope to see you at any or all of the three big celebrations coming up at CoSM: March Full Moon on Saturday the 15th followed by Art Church on Sunday afternoon.  Reserve your pre-sale tickets now for CoSM's extraordinary Vernal Equinox Celebrations Saturday, March 22nd.

In the frozen snowy landscape at CoSM, we experienced one of the first signs of Spring this morning, when we heard a few birds singing their morning songs.  Within weeks they will be joined by many returning bird families.  What songs of spirit are being sung in the woodland of your heart?


Alex & Allyson

P.S. A big shout out to our dear friend and long-time CoSM designer, Eli Morgan, who has joined forces in an art book project with the amazing artist/stylist, designer and photographer, Sequoia Emmanuelle. Check out their off the charts video. With your help it will be a rich addition to visionary culture.

(click here to see the project)
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