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michael-divine-painting-in-mushroom-cafe Michael Divine creates a magical sky-scape in the cafe.

Visionary artist, Michael Divine, returned to CoSM to continue muralling the Mushroom Cafe. This time, four panels join Maura Holden's contribution around a cafe window. Micheal's beautiful landscape with light beaming from the sky to a single mushroom on the ground, perhaps hint at the theory that mushrooms, whose spores are said to survive in the vacuum of space. are a life-form from worlds beyond. Light in the paintings activate the sky above with a magical presence as day swirls into night. Check out more of Michael Divine's extraordinary work at

top-3-panels copyThe top three panels.


See Michael's art and the collaboration of over a dozen invited visionaries in the Mushroom cafe during CoSM open hours and events.

Photos by Caren Charles

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