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Before the Full Moon ceremony on Saturday, December 1st, we will offer a talk about the Net of Being book that has just come out. Presenting the book, we'll describe some of the hidden messages and discuss the expanding and evolving levels of selfhood in the narrative arc. Topics will include how I went from a nihilist to a mystic in one day, Remembering 9/11 Before It Happened, Cosmic Creativity, and How Art Evolves Consciousness.

The following excerpt is the preface of the book:

The evidence that all beings are connected is revealed before us everyday. 3.7 billion years ago, the only life on earth was blue-green algae. Now our human consciousness contemplates that fact and marvels at the miraculously diverse biological bloom of creation we share with all beings. There is continuity between individual existence, the environment and the entire universe. It took a cosmos to birth an earth and an earth to birth a life web and a life web to evolve into a human being. Yes, we need our lungs to breath, but we need air, and to have air we need trees, part of our extended terrestrial body. The lung would not exist without the tree.

A meme is a parcel of cultural meaning, a shared value, a trojan horse for a worldview. Transmission of a meme often occurs through iconography. The journey of a visual meme through the cultural body presents an icon vector, the wake of an image through time and the collective mind. Art is a consciousness evolutionary tool because of its ability to transmit memes.

For several years, I worked on a large painting entitled Net of Being. This image proposes an archetypal symbol for the networked Self, an infinitely interconnected transcendental node seeing in every direction, part of a vast continuum of Godselves. A community is a net of beings, a web of relationships, selves united through a collective vision and language, a shared set of meanings. Over the past decade, as Allyson and I have traveled the planet, we see how my art has been integrated by various subcultures, from spiritual seekers and healers, tattooists, rockers, psychonauts, and other visionary artists. The Net of Being icon was catapulted into the mindstream of millions of people in 2006, when the band Tool used this artwork on their Grammy Award winning album cover, 10,000 Days. The image was animated in their music video, “Vicarious,” it was the backdrop for multiple tours, emblazoned on t-shirts and other merchandise. The value of the image is in its symbolism of sacred interconnectedness, or communion. Wearing a Net of Being symbol on one’s body as clothing or a tattoo acknowledges our part in a vastness greater than ourselves.
-- excerpt from Net of Being by Alex Grey with Allyson Grey

Following the Full Moon ceremony, Clear Light Ensemble's Dr. Jon Dubberstein and Tem Noon will play a set on sitar and tabla.


It's Alex's birthday today. The gift he would most like is your generous donation to CoSM. Please remember CoSM in your holiday giving. When you purchase a book from CoSM Shop as a gift, it will be signed by the authors -- us.


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