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amanda sage paints mushroom cafe
Amanda Sage murals the Mushroom Cafe

Amanda Sage was invited to design and execute the mural for the cafe's final bare wall. Her concept of a mushroom world's horizon curving under a sky was carried out with assistance from fellow visionaries, David Heskin and Aloria Weaver. Amanda focused her attention on a panel of the wall. Her design features renderings of the CoSM property including; the Grey House, Entheon, and the future Chapel. She included signature elements, visionary eggs and her world-uniting "Peace Train".

Amanda Sage murals the cafe with Aloria Weaver and David Heskin

Amanda painting Entheon

Figures with light in their hearts welcoming the "Peace Train" at CoSM

A faerie sits on a mushroom surrouned by egg trees painted in the characteristic style of Amanda Sage

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