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The extraordinary painter, Amanda Sage, is at CoSM this week, teaching her 7-Day Painting Intensive. The class is completely full. If you are in the area and would like to see the work in progress in Amanda’s class, you could purchase a meal ticket for lunch or dinner on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday this week when Day-Visitors are welcome. While at CoSM, be sure to check out Amanda's contribution to The Mushroom Cafe mural, an extraordinary offering that weaves together over a dozen original works by the premier Visionary Vanguard of artists.

About painting, Amanda says, "Through attaining a blissful timeless state of connection with source, one becomes a transmitter, a conduit for creative expression. And once a taste of this has been had we crave to return to that state. Through exploring other perspectives, placing ourselves in new environments and being open to experience, we find our lives enhanced as painting with fresh light illuminates the path.”

Amanda, a master painter, teaches the ‘Mischtechnik' [Mixed Technique], originating from the early renaissance and revived by Austrian painter, Ernst Fuchs, in the 1950s. Fundamentals of the Mischtechnik, adopted by painters working with fantastic and visionary subject matter, offer exquisite transparencies and develop an enhancement in the use of light. Look for Amanda’s workshops in the future and don’t miss her outstanding style and ability to guide artists through demonstrations, presentations, one on one instruction and open studio time that take a non-linear path into the art of painting.



2016 Visionary Permaculture Design Certificate Course:

Join us for a uniquely creative learning journey to become permaculture designers, consultants and teachers. Together we will learn how to map and design our lives and landscapes, working with nature as conscious planetary citizens to build a regenerative future.

Through worksheets, permaculture design gaming tools, an online social networking and educational support platform, as well as CoSM's 40 acres, participants will gather together to transform our understandings of what is possible.

Course topics include:
• design methods
• patterns in nature
• soils and composting
• water
• trees
• animals
• design for cool, tropical and arid climates
• social permaculture
• native food and medicine plants of the First Peoples & more!

Facilitated by Delvin Solkinson, he offers this program in support of CoSM's mission to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim's creative path and embody the values of love and evolutionary wisdom. This course is for those who want to make a uniquely creative contribution to CoSM while earning a permaculture design certification.

An unparalleled opportunity for growth and transformation, come and be part of the solution! See the link for more information.



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