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Visionary Permaculture : CoSM Full Moon Workshop 

delvin solkinson cosm full moon workshop

After a circle of intentions we pilgrimaged, like so many  before us, to the upper field where the old church bell was wrung three times and a talk on the ethics and ethos of permaculture was given from the pulpit. We discussed how to live in closer alignment to our values, become more conscious consumers and help make the Great Transition into the harmonic future civilization our hearts know is possible.

delvin solkinson visionary permaculture cosm full moon workshop

Contemplating the nature field at CoSM, our group observed some the brilliant design principles from nature that have allowed our Gaian Operating System to evolve so successfully over 3.9 billion years. We mused on how to use natural principle in our lives, feeding what we want to grow.

delvin solkinson cosm may full moon workshop

Our journey included a holistic look at the current civilization based on degenerative resources that are causing great harm to us and our world. We discussed the transition towards more sustainable, and ultimately regenerative, resources as individuals, communities and cultures.

delvin solkinson visionary permaculture cosm may full moon workshop

Applying permaculture principles to urban and suburban design, inspired by the Placemaking movement in Portland, we did four design charettes imagining the transformation of the broken social ecologies in our cities back the relocalized and resilient thriving villages of our future-past.

The class climaxed with a rant exploring the four fold path of permaculture, learning, doing, sharing and teaching including a tour through core teachings of many elder Pioneers of the Permaculture Movement.

delvin solkinson visionary permaculture class cosm may full moon workshop

Closing with a circle of intentions, our visionary permaculture learning guild shared an interest in the conscious evolution of many aspects of life including health and diet, gardening and farming, consumption patterns, educational pathways and spiritual practices.

delvin solkinson visionary permaculture cosm library may full moon workshop

The workshop concluded with a delicious, healthy dinner, followed by an amazing Full Moon Ceremony and Community Gathering under the full moon deep into the night.

The third visionary permaculture design certification course will be offered at CoSM in the spring of 2016. Visit :

Or contact [email protected] for more details.


Thanks to John Harris for the visionary photography.

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