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"Being a champion of love is a life's mission. Challenges can be expected. The deepest and most important realization is inside each of us when we see the beauty of existence. God's gift surrounds us as the world within and without.  Love will lead us into commitments that build our character, as we triumph over our own basest tendencies and create something beautiful together. Positive messages we tell ourselves and share with our lover, our family, friends, community and every other, recognizes the gift of spirit in our midst and shows thanks to our Creator.

Creative Spirit is manifesting as you now.  Art is part of your living story, as you savor each moment, taking aesthetic pleasure, enjoying God's feast for your Soul. Blessings from the Holy Land, Jerusalem.  We prayed at the Wailing Wall. A magnet of spiritual strength, a stand for One God beyond words and concepts but present as we savor the taste of each distinct evolving chain of realities simultaneously woven -- a web of souls consciousness-ing. Creative expression unites all sacred traditions each with unique embodiments of holiness, iconic or an-iconic. We cannot do anything but point with art toward the Divine Infinite One Cosmic Creative Intelligence that we all share. Praise and Thank you God, Primordial Presence, Transcendental Force Beyond all Description, Boundless Ground of All Being and Knowing." –written while in Jerusalem

Check the CoSM Blog for pictures and descriptions of our inspirational journey to the Holy Lands.

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ASK ALLYSON & ALEX - Questions on Art & Life

With joy we announce the transformation of the Ask Allyson Blog to the Ask Allyson & Alex Blog

Alex has agreed to jump on board officially. We operate as a team, especially in the areas of art and life. If you have a question on any subject related to art and living a creative life you love, send a question expecting us both to weigh in. Check for new posts and if the answer to your question might benefit us all, we'll talk about it. Confidentiality is an option. Artists are welcome to send pictures and links.

Send your questions to [email protected]


Embrace the Year of the Serpent by embracing real serpents. Enjoy a journey with powerful, gentle live serpents. Snake medicine journeys are one of the most ancient and direct ritual paths to transformation. Experience the spiritual sensuousness of snake handling with Serpentessa, a revered modern day Snake Priestess, who rebirths the ancient Serpent Wisdom into the world through the teachings of her live gentle snakes.

Year of the Snake! Alex holding Serpentessa's friends  Photo credit: Susan Buck


Continue with us CoSM's unbroken chain of Full Moon Ceremonies. Be a part of the music, dance, wisdom, intention setting, fire circle and community weaving together Creativity, Spirituality and the sacred mirror of the moon.


Allyson and Alex

Special thanks to Kenny Langevin for the great photo.


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